Wait time of 0 minutes?

Hi there, I’m new to touring plans, signed up a few weeks ago and been putting together some plans for my trip next month.

I’ve just put together a TP for Epcot on Wed 21st May, and I have a query.

The TP suggests Test Track at 10:49 and Soarin’ at 11:52 - both with a wait time of 0?! This is without fast passes. Even on a quiet day I wouldn’t have thought tier 1 rides would be walk ons.

Surely this can’t be right?

Yeah that’s not right.

I would contact the webmaster about this.


Thank you, I have submitted a request

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FYI-- I just tweaked my Epcot TP and the same thing happened to me. TT, MS, and SE all went to 0 or 1 minute

I’m experiencing the same problem. TT and Frozen went to 0.

Same thing. I think it’s just going to be our 5 families there that day.

Or there is a glitch.

I submitted a request just in case.


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What are your dates? I usually evaluate once more before leaving home, but I’m leaving mine alone!

Last week of May for us.

It appears that the glitch was fixed on this and wait times are showing up again