Wait time for shows at AK

Similar question as to the one I had earlier this week regarding the Studios.

My current Animal Kingdom plan puts us (on a CL 8) day arriving at Festival of the Lion King only 5 minutes before start time when the book recommends a 35-45 lead time for that show.
Same with Nemo, 14 min or so before show time when more time is recommended.

Liners, what do you think of these queue times?

Here’s a link to my plan, if you’d like to take a look.
A note: This is not a “rope drop” day for us and we need to leave around 5 for a dinner res, so maybe we simply don’t have time to do it all.

Thanks for any help/insight you guys can provide!

I tinkered with the waiting/walking balance and reoptimized.
Right now I have 15 min before Nemo and 11 before FOTLK.

I would do a minimum of 20 minutes early.

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I think the book is being too cautious. There’s no need to show up 30 minutes before a FOTLK show, unless you really want seats up front. The Optimizer’s default setting is 15 for most shows, 60 for Candlelight Processional.

Those arrival times are probably fine for the shows you’ve listed. Nemo has a huge capacity, and there are enough FOTLK shows that the crowds for any one of them won’t be crazy.


Thanks @len and @Armadillo_Alert . Len, just for the record, you feel good about an 11 minute lead time for FOTLK on a CL8 day?

Yes. I’d be willing to bet a lunch on it, so save your receipts. :smile:

Thanks @len. And if you’re in the world the week of T’giving, I’ll take you up on that.