Wait time for MFSR if you get in early using Oga's Res

We are going late January and we have a 9:15am Oga’s that we are willing to just pay the fee to not use as it will get us in the park early. Anyone want to guesstimate what type of wait time there would be for MFSR since you would beat any RD crowd and there are no EMH or EEMH scheduled for then? I would think there would be no more than a 30 minute wait but I am merely pulling that out of thin air. Can anyone speak to maybe SDD using an early reservation on how lines were? I am racking my brain on how to plug in MFSR before my FPP start. I have a decent window but want to maximize like anyone else.

I’m only guessing. I would treat it the same way as FoP. If you are there, in the front of the pack, as the land opens you’ll be done in 30 minutes. If you are even midway into the pack you’ll be waiting an hour or more.

Only guessing… I don’t think you’ll have a better idea until early January. The data from early December will be skewed due to RotR opening. Then you have Christmas crowds which pump up the CLs. I’d still keep an eye on those RD queue times, but you’ll get more reliable data once the dust settles and the holidays are over.

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Is it bad logic to think you would be almost guaranteed to be toward the front with the ability to enter the park let’s say at least 30 minutes earlier than the RD?

Great advice on waiting through the holidays and with RotR opening to get better data. Just pondering :slight_smile:

Since this will be after RotR opens, I’m going to assume that they’ll only let you into SWGE from the TSL side - since Oga’s is closer to there. Oga’s is right next to MFSR, so I’d assume you’ll be right at the front of that pack with better access.

I’m going to assume that CMs may still hold people outside SWGE from the RotR side / not allow PPO guests access to that side of SWGE. If you were trying to get to RotR it might be harder.

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I’m only guessing too, but I think MFSR at Rope Drop will be shorter than FoP. I think most guests will made a mad dash for RofR, leaving MFSR as a secondary choice. FoP on the other hand is the headliner at AK Rope Drop. Top me, 30 mins seems reasonable even if you are midway into the pack.


It will be a big advantage to be able to actually enter Baatu as a reservation holder at Oga’s versus those with PPO or some other advantage for early park entry. i think there are only like 15 reservations at a time for Oga’s and 9:15am may be the earliest although I am not certain. So there shouldn’t be more than 50 people or so in line per my guesstimation.

Difference will be a PPO at AK for FoP would only get you to the front of the RD crowd along with other PPOs. You couldn’t actually enter Pandora as I recall. You would have to wait outside the land. Whereas, I think an Oga’s PPO will get you into GE earlier than those with let’s say a PPO for Hollywood & Vine at HS. So I think there is a big advantage potentially there.

Personally, I’d arrive at Oga’s by 9am and get a drink. I think you’ll be fine getting on MFSR quickly. Nothing like throwin’ back a Bloody Rancor then getting behind the wheel of the MF first thing in the morning! :crazy_face:


I can handle that! It might make my piloting skills better.I have a 2:25pm reservation for Oga’s on the same day to get that drink or two later.

I don’t know what things will be like in January, but we just returned from a trip and rode MFSR 6 times. We did it at various times during the day and waited between 20-35 minutes each time. I think the highest wait time I saw listed when we were there was 50 minutes.

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