Wait time for adr character meals

Hi Guys! We have an adr at 11:55 at Crystal Palace. We also have fpp at sdmt that expires at 1:40. Is it doable? How long do you usually have to wait to actually be seated at character meals? We’ve never been before.

I would check in a few minutes early but it seems as if they seat a lot of tables at the same time so I would expect to be seated a little after noon at least. You should be OK , 90 minutes should be enough time. The rotation is usually about an hour.

Thanks! ! You are so helpful! My dd3 is beyond excited to meet all the characters. Ds6 is a little less thrilled :wink: can he get autographs at character meals?

Yes autographs and pictures at character meals. Although I think at BOG it is only a picture with Beast.

You should be okay and they will take you a little late for fpp, also if you talk with the CM they might allow it if you are late.

You could also ask to pay the check before you’re actually done eating to save some time.

We’ve had a couple of character rotation issues at CP (where they go off floor before our table for the break/switch and then the character comes back out and skips our section), so keep an eye out if seeing all characters is a must. Also, on FPP, if you have your TS meal receipt and show it to the FPP CM, they can let you in. I know it’s in their discretion, but they’ve done it for us before where we had unexpected delays at a TS meal.

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