Wait time at main gate

Will be at DLR and DCA in mid October. The Touring plans are great, but the difficulty I have is how long to allow to get through the Main Gate. Say one arrives at 1/2 hour before, at opening and 1/2 hour after. I also read about rope drop, is this something after the Main Gate?


I plan on not less than 30 min before park opening; 45 or more if it’s predicted to be a crowded day. With the GotG re-theme of the ToT opening on May 27th, I would expect higher than average crowds at the DCA gates for at least month or two after that; not sure how it will be by Oct.

I echo what @bswan26 said; you’ll want to be there minimum 45 minutes early on busy days. You can get in through the gates usually 30 min before park open. They’ll let you in to Main Street (DLP) or Buena Vista Street (DCA) to shop and sit. At the end of each street there is literally a rope that won’t allow you further in the park, and when official park open happens, they “drop the rope” and let you through. If you’re anything like me, I’m there at the rope every time and cry at the canned speech and music. Have a great trip!

Thanks for that info. I read on another Disney enthusiast site that there are three locations for DCA rope drop, have others experienced these same locations?
“at the beginning of Hollywood Land (presumably this is at the beginning of Hollywood Blvd off Carthay Circle); near Carthay Circle facing Cars Land and the Radiator Springs Racers FASTPASS distribution point; or near Paradise Pier by Ariel’s Undersea Adventure(after WOC FASTPAST).”

Seems one has to search various websites for answers, much like the zigzaging of touring plans.
Thanks again

My last time there was before they let anyone past the turnstiles before official opening.

Yes, those are all true. Those are the three ways out of Buena Vista St into the rest of the park. Best to start @ the Carthay Circle rope if you are heading straight to get RSR FP (the machines are just down from that rope on the left hand side).