Wait time accuracy on TP?

Pretty new to this forum and very excited to start creating TPs for our June trip. Everything I’ve read raves about the accuracy about TP so I hate to be skeptical but have you ever had plans that seemed inaccurate?

On the TP created for a day at MK, it recommends waiting until 10:14 am to get in line for Anna & Elsa, with wait time of 44 minutes. And then recommends doing 7DMT at 11:10 with a 50 minute wait. This contradicts everything I’ve read about these 2 attractions. I think I must be mis-reading this since I’m new to the site.

It does mention getting Fast Passes but before I entered the possibility of a FP, the TP still recommended this timing and gave the same wait times, both under an hour. So if I can’t get FP for Anna & Elsa, for example, is it reasonable to think that I could see them in 44 minutes in the middle of June?? (Because seeing Elsa is going to be the highlight of my daughters’ trip : )

Thanks for any insights you have for me as I try to figure out how the TP site works. I appreciate your help.

Here is the link: http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1275973

My first thought from looking at your plan is that there aren’t that many steps given the time for the plan (which looks to be 9am to midnight). The Optimizer seems to sometimes try to fill the available time if you don’t list very many attractions. Changing the end time or adding more attractions may yield different results.

With regard to Anna & Elsa and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, I’ve heard some talk that the Optimizer tends to assume you won’t be at the front of the pack at rope drop to get to these attractions, so your wait time will still be substantial (maybe not two hours, but possible close to 30 minutes) if you’re not on of the first to arrive at these locations (since most of the rope drop crowd heads to those attractions). If you are likely to be at the head of the pack, then you’ll likely save time by seeing one of those attractions first, but to do so, you’ll have to arrive long before park opening, position yourself in the tunnel to the Magic Kingdom during the Welcome Show (where you won’t be able to see that), and make sure you know what route you will be allowed to take to the attraction you wish to see first.

Your plan would definitely benefit from reserving FastPasses. I usually start with a plan and then select FastPass+ for the three attractions with the longest projected wait time. You also have the option for the Touring Plans software to suggest FastPasses for you.

Thanks. I’ll definitely try fast passes for Anna and Elsa and 7DMT because I just don’t think the listed wait times can be accurate that long after park opening.

I’ll try adding more attractions too. Thanks for that suggestion. I’ve scheduled 3 days at MK because I think that wil be my kids’ favorite park but I’m having trouble filling 3 days. I need to keep tweaking.

Thanks again for your help!

Also, A&E and 7DMT seem to have pretty stable wait times during the day. Other attractions are very, very short at rope drop but much longer later. So for return on time invested, you’ll get a lot more done by doing 4 or 5 things in the first hour after the park opens rather than spending that whole time in a line that will really only be 10 minutes longer if you wait a couple of hours.

Maybe you can make touring plans for 2 days, or all 3 mornings, and just leave the extra time to revisit favorites, meet characters, and just take in the details of MK. There are so many opportunities for spontaneous magic, you will have no trouble filling those days when you’re there! Have a great trip!

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Great idea! I like the suggestion of making TPs for the mornings. We plan to take afternoon breaks anyway. Then we can be more spontaneous in the evenings. Thanks!