Waistin' Away Again at Margaritaville

We’re spending three nights (with two full weekend days), staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. My 10 year old Parrothead would be bummed if we didn’t stop by Margaritaville for a meal at some point. We’re arriving on Friday evening, so I’m not planning on that; I figure it’ll be pushing 9 by the time we get to our room. We’re heading to Port Canaveral on Monday, so that’s not an option.

My instinct says that Saturday night will have the longest wait times (even with “priority seating”)…but what would be our best bet? I’m thinking Saturday or Sunday at lunch might be best, but that’s just a guess on my part.

In August we went on a Friday night around 6:30? There was an hour wait for a table but we were able to sit at a table in the bar area (would you consider that?). By the time we had something to eat and a few drinks there was plenty of seating everywhere.

With two kids 10 and 13, I don’t think the bar is an option.

We went at lunchtime Thanksgiving week (parks were CL 8 and 9), and had no wait at all. It might be different on the weekends due to locals, but generally speaking I think lunch will always be quieter. It’s so close to the parks that it really isn’t a big deal to go there for lunch; in our case we took the boat to the hotel afterwards for a break, so it was pretty much on the way.

Lunch is probably your best bet or an early lunch (5 or so).

Go before the parks let out and you should have no problem. We just went the beginning of Feb and had little to no wait at around 530. If you go you got to try the appetizer Volcano. Enough for 6 people and I tried to eat it all. Not happening.