W Family Trip Report

Thank you all for your sage advice on all things Disney. We could not have done this trip without TP Forums and Lines. One of my favorite parts of planning was reading through trip reports so I decided to share mine. I’ve also included a Final Thoughts section on some topics that I hope to be helpful to others. Enjoy reading!

Day 1: 2/1/18
We’re going to Disney World!!! WE includes me (Mom), DH, DD (10 months) hereinafter DD1, and other DD (almost 3yo), hereinafter DD3, MIL, FIL, SIL, my DM, and my DF. My parents and I had gone 30 years ago, so things have since changed. My husband, children and all of my in-laws had never been. We stayed at CR, where we stayed 30 years ago actually. I picked CR for convenience. I wanted to be on the monorail line and I loved the idea of the walkway to/from MK. With two in strollers, I just didn’t want to deal with folding them up every time we went on the bus. Since we were staying at a hotel specifically for the monorail, I decided we would only visit the parks on the monorail lines: MK on the first day, Epcot day 2, and MK day 3. TIP: It is also worth mentioning here that I worked with Small World vacations. I highly recommend. We had to reschedule MIL and SIL last minute and this was done seamlessly. You also get a free subscription to TP when you work with them.

Myself, DH, DD1, DD3, DM, FIL, DM, and DF were all driven to the airport by MIL. MIL and SIL would be joining us later on Day 2. We flew Southwest and I cannot say enough nice things about that airline. I’ll include more in my final thoughts post, but if you have the opportunity to fly Southwest, especially with kids, do it. DH and I also signed up for and were TSA pre-check approved, which I would also highly recommend. TIP: It is $85 for 5 years and kids under 12 are free when they accompany you. This saves a ton of time as you are not required to take off shoes, belts or separate your liquids. The line just moves faster. With kiddos in strollers, it is 100% worth it.

We bought some pretzel bites (the smell is just irresistible) and promptly boarded for our 10:05 flight to MCO. This was our first time flying with the kids and they did really well. DD3 watched a movie on the iPad. DD1, who had an “infant ticket” just sat on my lap and looked out the window/slept. Upon arrival we made our way to DME. How nice is it that you don’t have to go to baggage with DME?! Of course when we get there and the CM asks for the letter that came with our yellow tags we didn’t have it. I did have our confirmation numbers though, so she was able to quickly find us, print us out the letters and we were sent to line 3. TIP: I had saved our confirmation numbers in my phone on a notes section. This was very handy when planning and super helpful for DME when we forgot that letter. The bus was already there and we were the last family on. We stopped at Ft. Wilderness Lodge, Poly, BLT, and finally CR. While on DME I scheduled our Amazon Prime Now delivery. I had the list selected but didn’t want to pull the trigger until we had landed, just in case we were unduly delayed.

I wasn’t super impressed with CR… at first. The theme that “there is no theme” is readily apparent. It is like any other business hotel with a convention center. The lobby is unimpressive, the 4th floor is a madhouse, and it’s starting to show its age. We stayed in the Garden Wing. The Garden Wing has very low ceilings, narrow hallways and tiny elevators. We could not all fit in one, not even close. But with only 3 floors it was not a big deal. If you weren’t pushing a stroller or in one, you took the stairs. The rooms were fairly big and bathrooms were really nice. We had 3 identical rooms, 2 of which adjoined, the third right next to us. So convenient. Two rooms were ready when we got there at about 1:30. All the rooms had 2 queen beds and a sofa bed, plus a nice desk/counter area in addition to the fridge and coffee maker area. We also had 2 cribs (one was a pack n play, the other a mini crib, provided by CR), plus our strollers and we didn’t feel cramped. I brought our own sheets for the cribs but the ones provided by CR were cute Mickey sheets and fit perfectly.

When we got to our rooms, we changed into bathing suits that I had packed in our carry-ons and headed for the pool. The pool was ok. Not as glamorous as I remember but DD3 loved the pool. I loved the hot tubs and really loved that kids could go in them too so I could play with my kids in the “hot pool” and not have to go in the cold one. Pretty soon it was time for ADR at 4:00 at 1900PF for the Cinderella HEA Dinner.

We changed into our dinner clothes that I packed in our carry ons. DD3 got to wear her Cinderella dress over her clothes and we took the monorail to GF. Wow is that a nice hotel! Worth an extra $200/night? Maybe. At this point we were all exhausted and hungry. And all wishing GF was our hotel… We found the restaurant and checked in. DD1 was fast asleep so they let us bring in the stroller. TIP: if you say your child isn’t high chair ready, they let you bring in the stroller. This proved true for all of our TS restaurants. We would usually ask to have a high chair, but that she may or may not use it. Every CM complied. She probably spent 14 minutes total in those high chairs. I give this dinner an A+. The buffet was outstanding. Plentiful options for kids and adults, never too crowded, everything delicious. I particularly enjoyed the butternut squash ravioli and the maple polenta. The character interaction was great. DD3 was a little shy around Prince Charming, but warmed right up to Cinderella, Stepmother and the stepsisters, who were hilarious. After dinner we exited and got our first Photopass photographer encounter with the glass slipper. Then it was back on the monorail and back to the room. Our Amazon Prime Now delivery was with Bell Services. (I had received a text from Amazon, but nothing from CR…) We needed assistance from bell services to help us bring the delivery up to the room because there was so much. Bell services almost forgot to get the milk from their fridge. If I hadn’t asked about it we would not have gotten it. Odd that they put it in the fridge since it was in a cooler pack, but I appreciate the extra precaution. We got the kids in the bath and went to sleep. DD1 woke up a bit more than normal that first night, but I blamed it on a new environment. I would later learn that was probably not the entire reason.

Day 2 2/2/18

Magic Kingdom Day!
We woke up by 6 and were on monorail a little after 8. I was relieved to learn that you only had to do bag check when you got on the monorail and not again at the entrance to the park. I had planned for us to get something small to eat on Main St. even though we had a 10:10 ADR at BOG, but everyone said they weren’t hungry (i.e. too excited/ too much to look at to stop and eat). We saw the opening show at the castle and it did not disappoint. Since we weren’t truly going to be rushing to any rides, we got a nice viewing spot. I could see crowds building at the entrances to Tomorrowland though and knew it was going to be a crowded day. After the opening ceremonies we head to our first ride, Motorcade Speedway. We got a bit lost on the way but found it and then everyone except me and DD1 got in line and waited and waited. There was a breakdown and they ended up waiting a good half hour on what was supposed to be a walk on. The adults thought it was ok, but DD3 LOVED it. She immediately had to tell me that “they let the kids drive the cars!” And this is why I brought a not even 3 year old to Disney.TIP: Bring a toddler to Disney. People thought I was crazy but I am so glad we did it. She would continue to have the best reactions to every ride/encounter/experience. There are things only an almost 3 year old can appreciated with such enthusiasm. Plus, they’re free! She may not remember much, but I will have the memories and they are sheer joy.

After Speedway we headed to Mad Hatter Tea Party, which was another hit with DD3. Alice made an appearance but her line went from 2 minutes to 20 minutes in about 4 seconds so we decided to try to meet her another time instead. DD3 didn’t really know Alice, so I was surprised by how much she wanted to see her and meet her. We then headed to use our first FPP for Peter Pan. This is a great ride. There is a reason FPPs are gone before the end of the day. Everyone in my family really loved it. By this time it was almost time for our ADR at BOG. We were a little early but all of us were starving by this point. I knew I should have forced food on everyone earlier. Thankfully the CM didn’t bat an eye when we checked in about 10 minutes early and we were given a pager which buzzed almost instantly. We didn’t pre-order because I read that you could not split the bill. DH and I each had a DDP and we wanted to combine and use our QS meals for this breakfast for everyone, but I wasn’t sure if pre-ordering would allow that. When I tried to complete it online, it kept requesting I enter in credit card info. I called Disney Dining and was told by the CM that pre-ordering would only save 10 minutes and we should just do it that way because she was not really sure if using 2 DDPs would be possible. Looking back, I think it would have been fine since DH and I were in the same room, but CM was right in that we only had to wait about 10 minutes to get to the touch screen to order. I had memorized everyone’s order so it was smooth process. BOG was very crowded at 10:10. It was loud, chaotic and (gasp!) messy. It reminded me of a mall food court. We had to stalk people finishing up to find a table and then had to sit there for 15 minutes before a CM cleaned it. Our food did magically appear on one of those cute carts, all correct but this was a small token for what was a really stressful meal. Getting drinks was a hassle. We could not hear each other speak and I found the lighting (in all three dining rooms) to be really dark. We were in the ballroom. I kind of couldn’t wait for it to be over. I had the veggie quiche, which was good. DH had the Feast de le Gaston, which he also enjoyed. The pastries were ok. The bathrooms though, those were the worst. Very few stalls, tiny area to change a baby, crowded and dirty. And this brings me to my biggest disappointment in Disney: Restrooms. There are too few and they are filthy. There are even fewer with baby changing stations, usually only one per restroom location. You almost always have to wait in a line and if there are family restrooms, the lines are even longer. I know there are nice baby care stations, but it’s not always convenient to haul back to one just to change a diaper. I don’t understand the disconnect here. There are how many thousands of people in the parks each day and how many bathrooms??? and changing stations??? It’s not wonder CMs can’t keep up with cleaning. Maybe this is not a big deal for people with older kids, but for a toddler and pre-school mama, this was bad. BOG was not as dirty as some of the others, but there were just not nearly enough stalls. If a Cheesecake Factory can have 20 stalls, why can’t BOG?

After breakfast, DD3 requested to go on Prince Charming Carousel. This was a shock to me because she won’t ride a merry go 'round at home. DH, DD1, DD3 and I all boarded while DM, DF and FIL watched. DD3 absolutely loved it and smiled the whole time. I couldn’t believe it. The magic of Disney… After this we walked up to Ariel to meet her but the wait was a bit too long for our crew. We then went to try and meet Gaston at his tavern but he was not around. By this point, it was almost time for DH and DD3 ADR at CRT.

DD3 rode the Carousel one more time and then we made our way to the Castle. I helped DD3 put on her Belle dress over her outfit and she was ready to go. DD3 and DH then waited with a congregation of little girls ready to meet Cinderella and DM, DF, FIL and DD1 and I bid them farewell. I could only get a reservation for 2 of them and only at 11:50 (thank you Reservation Finder). At about $80 pp, I was ok with keeping it this way. DH said that while he wasn’t super hungry, the food was very good. He got the steak salad. DD3 really enjoyed the cheesecake. While they were at lunch the rest of use rode People Mover and Carousel of Progress. I tried to nurse during CoP but DD1 loves dogs and kept jumping up and talking to the fake dog on stage. I remember this ride from 30 years ago. It is exactly the same. My theory is that they keep it for nostalgia purposes which is fine by me. People Mover was surprisingly fun, though I was ready for it to not be pitch black dark after about 10 seconds and started to get a bit annoyed when it stayed dark for a lot longer.

We then met back up with DH and DD3 and did Voyage of the Little Mermaid with our second FPP followed by Enchanted Tales with Belle with our final FPP. Little Mermaid was cute and we all enjoyed it. ETWB was low key and kind of perfect after so much sensory overload everywhere else. DD3 was quiet, but raised her hand when they asked if anyone else wanted a part, and she became a salt shaker. She did well and we did our picture with Belle afterwards.

By this time it was after 2, and I could tell DD3 and DD1 were fading. DH and I took them back to CR via the Walkway with FIL while DM and DF stayed in MK. I was able to get the FPP for BTM, which they loved. DD1 napped while DD3 and DH went for a swim. DD1 and I joined them after her nap. FIL took this opportunity to go for a run. He used the Jogging Trail around CR, but it was not very long and he had to keep making a lot of loops. He tried to run on the Walkway to MK but was told no running allowed. I’m a runner but did not run on this trip. As a runner, this would be particularly frustrating for me. There are not really a lot of places to run at CR. If you get too close to MK, you’ll end up in the bus lanes and I saw CMs make people vacate those areas pretty quickly. I didn’t venture out on my own, so I’m not 100% certain on this one, but from what I can tell, you have to get back on to World Drive, which is busy, to get in decent miles. Alternatively, CR does have treadmills. TIP needed: If anyone has anymore advice or experience with running outside at CR please let me know.

After the pool we headed back in to change for our ADR at BOG for dinner. I know, 2 BOG meals in one day, but that’s what I could get. (Thank you again Reservation Finder). This dinner was just DH, DD1, DD3 and myself. I can’t remember if we walked or took the monorail back to MK, but once there we went straight to BOG. Dinner was more organized but it was still dark and loud. Our CM was friendly and fast which was great. They announced the Beast after we had ordered and just as DH and DD3 had gotten up to use the restroom. TIP: If there is no line for the restrooms in the restaurants, use them, there will be a line 30 seconds. On their way back DD3 did her meet and greet with the Beast. Apparently DH had to sweet talk the CM in allowing this, since you aren’t suppose to meet the Beast until after you eat and it was clear no one had eaten yet. But there was no line and DH was not about to give up this chance. I had the lamb, which was good but not amazing. For desserts we had the grey stuff cupcake, a chocolate one, and a strawberry one. All were pretty sweet, but they were easily the highlight of the meal. DH and I used DDP for this meal. We walked back to CR and did baths and bed.

MIL and SIL would arrive that night at around 8. They grabbed dinner at the airport and ate it on DME. We were all very excited to meet up with them the next morning to hit up Epcot together until …

**DAY 3 2/3/18 **
Epcot Day

1AM. DD1 wakes up with a fever. 101.4. We try infant Motrin, which works a little, but not great. At 5AM I call our pediatrician’s office and get the on-call doctor. After discussing her symptoms, we realize she may have an ear infection or the flu and needs to be by someone, soon. The pediatrician suggests the ER if there are no other options. DH and I did not want to take our baby to the ER. I remembered reading on one of the forums about a place called Centra Care that someone had used before for a sick kiddo that also had a shuttle. Sure enough I find the post (thank you TP) and make some phone calls. I’ll devote more on this in my end notes, but essentially I send most of our group to EPCOT while DD1, myself and my parents go to the Centra Care. She is examined, diagnosed with an ear ache (no flu) and we are back at CR, prescription in hand by 10:30. DD1 was doing a lot better at this point so I make the decision to go to EPCOT and we boarded the monorail. On this day, our original plan had us doing breakfast at CM and then trying to get to EPCOT for RD so we could ride Soarin first. But after some great advice on the Forums, I decided to cancel that ADR. I rescheduled it for a dinner the next day. I tried to do breakfast instead at GG, but that had no openings. I told DH to make sure everyone grab something to eat at Contempo Cafe before heading over to EPCOT since our lunch ADR was not until 12:15. DH was now in charge and I didn’t want him leading a group of empty bellies. I’m not sure what time they boarded the monorail, but they did make it to EPCOT about 20 minutes pre-RD and they had eaten. I am very proud of DH. They headed over to Soarin and had to wait about 10 minutes. DD3 couldn’t ride (height restriction) and the CM realized they were a somewhat large group, so they got 3 (yes 3!) anytime FPP returns for baby rider swap. Note- only DH and DD3 stayed behind. FIL, SIL, MIL all got to ride. TIP: If you have a large party, you may be able to get more than one anytime FPP return when you do rider swap, even if you only have one baby. DH took DD3 on the Land and they love it. Note- this is my favorite ride. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just the memory, but I love it and love they enjoyed it. They then all met back up and did Nemo (FPP) and then explored The Seas. At this point the rest of us were on the monorail and we were hoping to make it to our 10:50-11:50 FPP for Spaceship Earth. We arrived, had to a second bag check at Epcot even though we had done it at CR, and met them at the FPP entrance for SE. Definitely sit on the left/ outside if you can. This ride is somewhat long and very low-tech, but DD3 and DH, who were on the left, loved it. The best part, by far, is the end when you come out and see your heads super-imposed on the cartoon image adventures.

It was almost noon and it was time for our ADR at Akershus. We had a 12:15 ADR and a 12:25-1:25 FFP for Frozen, so I was a bit nervous about getting out of there on time, but by this point I was confident we’d be out in an hour, and even if we weren’t, the CMs would likely give us a little leeway. DM and DF had their own lunch in France. No details on that (sorry), but I know they enjoyed it. This was an excellent character meal. We used DDP which was great since it is a bit pricey ($60 pp). Appetizer buffet, entree selection, dessert trio brought to the table. We had 7 people (5 adults) and they brought 2 of the dessert trios. The appetizer buffet had a salad bar set up and also had some leftover from breakfast (croissant, muffins, mini bagels). TIP: they take away the breakfast leftovers early, so if you want those, grab them when you see them. I had the Viking lunch, which had some very tasty items and some weird ones too. The desserts were top notch. The rice pudding and apple cake were some of the best I’ve ever had. The princesses were very sweet with DD3 and sat on the floor with her. I carried DD1 and held DD3’s hand during the parade. I think she would have liked more time with some of them, but I had to explain that we couldn’t keep following them. She got over it quickly when we told her it was time to go on the Frozen ride.

We all loved Frozen. I agree with some previous posters that the seats may be a bit wet. After the ride, you are let out in a store full of Frozen merchandise. I’m surprised not all of the newer rides don’t do this. We then got in line to meet Elsa and Ana. Only 15 minutes and you are in their “house” while you zig zag, so DD3 didn’t mind waiting at all. Plus, there are 2, so the line moves a bit faster. After our meet and greet we had planned to go back to ride Soarin and the Land again, but DH and I decided not to push it with DD1, and DD3 was definitely fading. We headed out and let DF, DM, and SIL use the Soarin return anytime FPP and enjoy the rest of the day at EPCOT. I was able score them a last minute ADR at Marakesh, which they all really enjoyed.

DH and DD3 hit up the pool while DD1 took a good nap. For our dinner, we went to Contempo Cafe. I got the burger and DH got the “steak”. These did not look all that appetizing. I remember thinking, oh no, frozen patties, but were both surprisingly good. We also got our DDP mugs finally and DD3 was thrilled to pick out 3 cupcakes for dessert that we brought back to the room. I may have had one at midnight. The service was fast and friendly and it was not crowded. If you are staying at CR, I highly recommend for a convenient dinner. DH said breakfast there that morning was just ok. We then headed back to room and did baths and bed.

My thoughts on EPCOT should be taken with a grain of salt, since I was only there for a brief period of time, but overall I think it is a bit dated. At MK, there is something colorful to see, in detail, everywhere you turn. There is a definitely more of an eye for a younger audience at MK. EPCOT has more empty space, which I didn’t mind when we traversing in haste, but I could see being a bit boring if riding in a stroller. I would have liked to have walked through the countries more, which was our original plan, because I think both kids would have enjoyed the performers. Next time.

Day 4 2/4/18
MK Day!

It was our last park day and the plan was no pressure wake up since our first FPP was not until 9:25 for POTC. However, we were all up by 6, and since Contempo Cafe was just ok for breakfast, we decided to RD and eat pre-RD (for real this time) in the park. We got there just a few minutes after 8 using the walkway. The bag check there is much easier than the one boarding the monorail at CR- just more space. We sent in about half of our group to Main St. Bakery to grab breakfast sandwiches and drinks with our snack credits and the rest of us scouted out a place to sit. TIP: Casey’s Corner, which is not open pre-RD has many clean, empty tables outside that you can sit at while you wait for the opening ceremonies to start. We then made our way towards the castle so MIL and SIL could get a look since they had missed it the other day. We were further back this time because I wanted us to be positioned closer to Fantasyland entrance, but they all still enjoyed. We planned to try PP first but the posted time was already 30 minutes long by the time we got there so we scratched that and walked on to IASW.

IASW looks great after so many years (I know it’s been refurbished) and I appreciate that it is 14 minutes. I was afraid DD3 would lose interest, but she really didn’t. We then did PC Carousel again and then walked onto POTC and did not need to use our FPP. Why is it so unpopular??? I noticed the Johnny Depp looking pirates and agree with some Liners that you do get tiny bit wet. DD3 got a bit scared during the dark thunderstorm part but was fine as we kept moving. We then did Magic Carpets and this was DD3’s favorite ride. She loved it and I have some great pictures. Everyone except DD1 and I then went to check out SFR tree house while DD1 and ate. Me- a Dole Whip, DD1- nursed. DD3 and DH then rode Magic Carpets again. Then it was time to make our way over to Tomorrowland for our Buzz Lightyear Spin FPP. DD3 liked it but did not like “the scary voice”. DH had the high score. DD3 has not seen Toy Story so I think she’ll enjoy this more when she knows who the characters are. She did love “the cute little green guys.”

At this point, I had cancelled our FPP for POTC, so now we all had an extra one to use (we still had a FPP for JC later that afternoon). I was able to book MIL, FIL, and SIL for VotLM and Dumbo for the rest of us. I had tried to book everything before Buzz, but it wouldn’t let me because of the 1 hour rule. TIP: You can book multiple FPP within the same hour, but you need to have tapped in/ridden a close in time first ride. I’ve heard people do this when you are looking to book your 4th FPP- you can do so as soon as you check in for your 3rd. But, you can also do this for your 2nd, 3rd, etc. As soon as you tap into one, book your next one. It can be within the hour window. We had a FPP for 11:50 for Buzz and I was able to get us one for Dumbo at 12:20 as soon as we had tapped in to Buzz. When I figured this out and pulled it off my family thought I was a genius since both of these rides had 45 minute wait times.

After Dumbo, we checked out the Circus area and we were going to take one of the trains back to Main Street but it had started to rain. I got out the ponchos I had purchased on Amazon and we headed on foot. We had a 1:10 ADR at Tony’s Town Square. This was part of the Festival of Fantasy Dining Package. We got there ahead of schedule so we did some shopping. I thought the stores would be mobbed because of the rain but they really weren’t. After buying fudge and some treats with our snack credits we headed into Tony’s. We had to wait about 15 minutes before we were seated but the waiting area is huge so it was great for DD1 and DD3 to walk/run around. For this ADR, I could not get it for 9, so I had 8 in our reservation and then made another one for 1, not with the package. I used the same name (mine) for both. One at 1:10 and one at 1:20. We only checked in with the 1:10 one because I honestly forgot about the other one. No issue. They sat us all at a table with enough chairs and high chairs and explained the prix fix menu system. TIP: If you can’t get your full party on a reservation for a dining package, try splitting up one person and booking with a regular ADR. I was nervous about this lunch because I had not heard the best feedback about Tony’s and it was $50 pp for the VIP parade tickets dining package. Tony’s exceeded all expectations. If you have young kids and want to see the parade do this! The food was the best meal we had the entire trip, and I’m Italian, from the Northeast (NY) area, so I am very critical when it comes to Italian restaurants. The calamari was hot, crisp and delicious. The zucchini fries were yummy and I’m still thinking about the ricotta toast. For the prix fix menu, it really just means you get to pick one appetizer, one entree, one dessert. You get one alcoholic beverage if using DDP. I highly recommend the above-mentioned appetizers. For my entre, I got the trio, which was fettucini alfredo, chicken parm, and baked ziti. All were outstanding. For dessert I had some type of chocolate cake, which was decadent. It was raining harder by the time we were seated, so we tried to stretch our meal and time inside a bit, which we did. We were supposed to have done JC after lunch, but with the rain, we skipped it and just hung out at Tony’s.

By the time we headed out again, the rain had let up a lot and it was almost parade time. For the VIP area, you stand across the street from Tony’s near the flag pole. TIP: you can also watch the parade from the veranda at Tony’s, which is especially helpful on a rainy day. We stayed on the veranda till the last second since it was still raining a bit then bolted across the street as Beast and Belle came into sight. In my opinion, the VIP tickets are worth it. The characters actually come over to you and occasionally do high fives or handshakes. They all wave and make eye contact and definitely try to interact as much as possible. This was huge for us. When the 7 Dwarfs came up to DD3, I almost started crying. She had been asking about them the entire trip and I did not know they were in the parade, so I always answered with a “maybe” when she would ask if she would see them. When she saw Dopey in that parade, up close, she was beyond delighted. This parade is such a hit because you see everyone. You might not get the full on meet and greet, but if there is someone on your list, you will get to see them in this parade. While we waited for parade to start I saw that Tinkerbell and Mickey meet and greet times in the Town Square started dropping way, way down. TIP: if you want to meet Mickey, go to Town Sq. right before parade, but be mindful of Tinker Bell. My SIL, who was able to meet Tinker Bell, said that the line maybe only had 4 people, but it was a 20 minute wait because she talked to each person for a good 5 minutes! After parade we headed out back to CR via walkway.

We went swimming in the rain at CR, which DD3 thought was fantastic. Pretty soon it was time to get ready for our 5:35 ADR at CM that I had secured just a few days earlier. It was Super Bowl Sunday, so I suspect I was how I was able to get an ADR for 9 so close in time. CM is just as I remember. Nothing fancy. Buffet was decent. Desserts were my favorite. The appeal here is that you get to see the big 5 and their interactions are top notch, probably the best. DD3 adores Minnie. She was the last character to visit. DD3 just hugged and hugged and hugged her. It was incredibly cute. You don’t come here for the food, you come here for that memory. DD1 was fast asleep for most of this dinner, but we even had some pictures with her in them and Donald especially was very cute with a sleeping baby. We then went back to the room for baths, bed and Super Bowl on mute.

Day 5 2/5/18

We woke up at 5:30 and packed up, got dressed and were ready to roll before 7. We had asked bell services to be there by 6:45 but they were not, so DH and FIL took everything down themselves. Of course, bell services showed 30 seconds after they left. Our flight was at 10:50, so we had to be downstairs by 7:15 for DME. CR had printed all of boarding passes and took care of the luggage. We were on DME and waving goodbye to CR by 7:30. Our flight home was uneventful and I was doing laundry by 2, planning our next trip by 4. If you’re still with me, thanks so much for reading. Be sure to check out my final thoughts and tips.

Final Thoughts W Family Trip Report: Final Thoughts


Such an enjoyable read, so detailed. It sounds like you and Family had a good time. Makes me excited for my upcoming trip in 28 days.

Really enjoyed reading your report.

I completely agree. Glad it was a good trip.

@ ezed62 So soon! I am excited for you.

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Such a great trip report! Sounds like you had an awesome time! :slight_smile:

I’m Italian too and I found Tony’s to be great! We were there early evening in the fall and sat outside. Had amazing service and I had pumpkin ravioli that was delish!! Lots of bad reviews for that place but it was perfect. Maybe it’s a time/space thing.

Great detailed report. Thanks for sharing!