VRURC portable battery recall

Because so many people pack portable batteries, there has been a recall on VRURC brands with built in cables.


Does Amazon send you a message if the product you purchased from them falls inside the recall? I bought 5 similar chargers like over the last two years but none specifically say that brand name.

I don’t think so, I was watching local news and it was a quick piece. Had to look online for more information about it.

I got notified by Amazon of a recall for our air fryer, so I think they would notify you.

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One problem with these Chinese brands is they will manufacture the same product under different brand names. On Amazon, in fact, they will stop selling under a name brand the moment reviews start to get too low, and then they repackage the same item under a new brand name. So…this particular brand which is recalled very well is or has been sold under a different brand name.

I am currently on a mission to avoid buying as many Chinese branded products as possible…for a great many reasons. This is just one reason. I am willingly now choosing to pay significantly more. I also am having to go to a lot of extra effort in some cases to find alternatives…but using Amazon is proving to make buying Chinese branded products super easy. I am considering dropping Amazon Prime as a result.

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