VRBO for booking resort?

I have been looking to potentially change our reservation from CBR to SSR for early October. I have found bookings available through VRBO at a reasonable price to boot. Am I able to cancel our reservation through Disney? How would that affect our ADR and FFP? It wouldn’t be worth it if we ended up losing them all.

It sounds like a DVC owner is using VRBO to “rent” their points. This is a private transaction between you and the owner, so you cannot cancel through Disney. Once the owner makes the DVC booking in your name they can provide you with a reservation number that you can link to your MDE account.

As you are within 180 days, your ADRs are unaffected by the change - in fact, you can cancel the CBR reservation right now without making another resort reservation and your ADRs will stay on your account. I have done this several times without a problem.

I believe that as long as you add the SSR reservation to your MDE account before cancelling the CBR reservation your FPP reservations will be OK too. I also believe that if you cancel the CBR reservation within 30 days of the last FPP reservation they will stay on your account regardless of whether you have another resort reservation. I haven’t actually done this though.

Your are right. I would prefer to book through DVCreservations but they do not have availability for my dates. I am late in the game learning about all of the caveats for our trip. First time there so feel like I am going into this blindly. With 2 grandmas coming along with DH, DD6,DS10,DS12 would you recommend two booking for 1 bedroom SSR condo over 2 rooms at CBR (our current reservation)?We had booked CBR pretty much rack rate of $238 for 3 nights and $199 for 3 nights. We are not getting the $75 food reimbursement. We can book SSR condos for about $300 per night through VRBO

If I can get these two condos, I am going to go for it. Would you happen to know if we can still have a DP with this type of reservation? Also am I correct that I can cancel with Disney with no penalty (complete refund) up until 5 days before my trip? Thanks so much again!

Yes, the owner can book a DP for you - however, check with them if they will do this, as some do not like to for renters.

No, you cannot cancel through Disney, as this is a private transaction between you and the owner. DVC has its own rules regarding cancellation which are complex, so usually DVC rentals are non-refundable. Check with the owner though - some are more willing to work with you about this.

Also, check out my TP Blog post on DVC rentals which has a lot of useful information: http://blog.touringplans.com/2013/09/01/tips-renting-disney-vacation-club-points/

If I’m understanding your question correctly, you should be able to cancel a room-only reservation (you mention CBR) booked directly through Disney for a complete refund.

Yes that is what I meant. I would cancel the CBR through Disney and book this new one through VRBO. It just seems surprising that Disney lets people cancel with no penalty. But then again their rooms probable book immediately after being canceled!

Ya, I think most major hotels offer this nowadays to entice bookings. I know Marriott lets you cancel up until like 24 hours before check in.