Voyage of the Little Mermaid

I’m doing some TP’s for Sept and notice that VLM isn’t listed as an attraction in HS. I haven’t heard that it’s closing. Is this an oversight or is it really not available?

Check under Shows?

I looked through the show and all of the attractions. I even checked in the seasonal section and it’s nowhere to be found.

Oh noes!

Okay, so my HS TP is for 9/22 and I get it - will screenshot below. I don’t know why it wouldn’t show up for you, maybe someone more knowledgeable will swoop in to the rescue.

That’s so weird. Thanks for your help. Maybe there’s maintenance for my dates or something? Definitely not on my options. I even started a new, different touring plan to see if it would show up and it isn’t there.

Oh! It is under refurb 9/7-9/11

That’s it! Thanks so much.

Happy to help, I hope you get enough Little Mermaid action anyway :slight_smile:

It’s actually for a friend of mine with three little girls. They may be disappointed, but they’ll meet her in MK and ride the ride over there, so hopefully that’ll be enough.

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Are the rides at HS and MK similar? Worth doing both?

The only similarity is the Little Mermaid content. In MK, it’s a ride. In HS, it’s a show.

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