Volcano Bay Tapu Tapu


Is is right that once you’ve tapped into a virtual line using your Tapu Tapu, you can’t then join a standby line for another ride? That doesn’t sound right? What if your virtual wait for a very popular ride is 2 hours, and there are other rides with just a half hour standby - surely you should be able to ride that standby ride?


There are other things to do: fierce river, pool for example but there are not usually traditional “stand by” lines in my experience. Maybe someone else has seen one or two attractions open to everyone?


There are no Standby Lines like Principal Tinker said.

All slides are either Virtual Line only or Ride Now.

“Ride Now” modes means you don’t have to tap in at all. You can always get in line for a slide that says “Ride Now”. When I was there in June 2017, the Taniwa Tubes were in Ride Now mode for a couple hours while the other slides had waits. We rode them several times in a row with reasonable waits (5-15 minutes) while waiting for our time for the aqua coaster.

Also, you will still have a wait when you return to each slide. When I was there (2 years ago), the wait in the physical lines were 10-30 minutes depending on the slide.