Volcano Bay questions

Do you need to take your own towels to VB or are they provided? Is there a cost for renting them? We are staying at HRH if that makes any difference, as I understand there’s no charge for towels for WDW onsite guests at their water parks.

I understand there’s a shuttle from the hotels directly to VB. If you plan to go straight to the parks after finishing at VB are the shuttles you can take directly to them? Or to Citiwalk?


There is a cost for renting towels at Volcano Bay. We stayed at HRH and asked and were allowed to take pool towels with us.

There is a shuttle from VB to the Citiwalk parking garage, which services both Citiwalk and the parks. This is where guests not staying onsite would park and take the shuttle to VB.

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Thank you that’s very useful. We’re now thinking about going to VB on our arrival day, I doubt HRH will have our room ready by the time we want to head off on the bus over there, I wonder if they’ll still allow us to nab some pool towels… It would definitely make it easier if we don’t have to bring them with us from home!

When is your trip? VB can close due to capacity.

April 4th-6th, now thinking about going to VB on 4th. We will be staying offsite on iDrive the evening of the 3rd and given the jet lag I think we will be able to get to HRH very early in the morning to pick up EPs and to get early entry at either the theme parks or VB. It looks as though early entry will be 8am USF and 9am VB that day but it’s not been published yet.

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Early entry will be good! You can get so much done in the first hour or so.

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Once you check in, even if your room is not ready, I think they will probably allow you to take towels; your room key is what allows you into the pool area and functions as your EP.

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Thanks all.

I don’t suppose any of you know what time the eateries open in VB do you?

Anyone have recommendations on where to grab seating at VB? I’ve seen photos of regular seats under canopies and fans which look really nice, I’m pretty sure they weren’t the premier seating ones. I can’t work out where they were, main beach opposite the volcano or perhaps round the side in the Rainforest Village?