Volcano Bay - Lockers

I saw this portable lockbox / safe used in a blog at VB. I’m considering it. If I use it on three visits it will have paid for itself versus Universal’s locker. It’s also a great way to hold your spot / chair. Seems like it would streamline the whole day by not having to drop everything back off at the lockers after eating / resting in my chair.



It looks very similar to my KYSS bag (although this looks even more secure). I haven’t been to Volcano Bay, but I use my KYSS bag whenever I go to a pool or the beach.

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The bags definitely look nicer!!

I was thinking of securing the safe to the chair, placing all my valuables inside and then placing the safe inside my tote bag. I’ll throw a towel on the chair and have space in the bag for extra towel / shoes / nonessentials - Coke Freestyle cup

All of this is optional of course! I like the idea of grabbing a spot / chair and never having to fuss with the lockers + potentially saving money


I would worry that it highlights that there is something inside of value and that although someone can’t just lift out your valuables, they could lift the whole thing and work out how to break into it later.

My mind would take peace from using a locker. You’d still need to trudge back to wherever your base was, so why not just go a bit further to the lockers.


You’d have to take the whole deck chair home with you to get it out of the park. Kinda like a bike rack. *

(Which did happen to my brother & his friends when they had all their bikes stolen when thieves put the entire rack of bikes in a truck and drove off! :joy:)*

Also, the lockbox will be inside a bag. I mean a bag is already target, but crooks just want to grab & go in places like this. They can’t stand around poking, prodding and trying to break a deck chair. I’m guess I’m not worried about the security of it. I’m more wondering if it would make life easier than just using the lockers.

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Oh I see.
That’s more secure than I thought. Maybe a good idea then :+1:t2:

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I’ve queued this YT to show you.


That does look decent :link:

I’ve never seen a video linked to start at a specific spot before. Very tech savvy :sunglasses:


Pause the video where you want it to start. Then right click on the video. You’ll get an option to “Copy URL at current time”. Select that and then paste! Enjoy!


Thanks for the knowledge :brain::+1:t2:

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I have this safe and have used it many times at waterparks in Orlando. I lock it to 2 chairs usually and then put my pool bag strap through it too - my husband thinks I’m too paranoid but it makes me feel better.

It’s so much easier than going back and forth to a locker. I also like use it at pool hotels because sometimes I’m hardly at my chair.


That’s great to hear! I was looking for someone to talk me into buying it. I’ll go pick it up off Amazon now!


No problem!

I’ve been looking at the small backpack you recommended- not that I need another bag :joy:

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It’s been ordered!

I love that Waterfly bag! I’m going to insist everyone in my group carry their own going forward. Everyone can grab their own free locker and no one gets stuck carrying a 25lbs. bag all day…


I was taking notes yesterday on VB and seating.

I forgot we have a KYSS style bag! Thanks for reminding me.


This is a great idea I had never thought of, thanks!

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One question - is there any issue with UOR trying to move your stuff like Disney will do with strollers, etc.? i.e., are you obligated to make your stuff “movable” in case UOR has to reorganize things?

(Probably not, but it’s something I’d worry about if I did it. :joy:)

My understanding is every “free” chair is first come-first served. You can put your towel on a chair and it’s “yours” for the day - like a cruise


The lock box came in last night. It’s really well built. I have no worries about someone trying to walk off with it or cutting the cable. The cable is very thick and metal. You’ll have to walk out carrying a lounge chair in order to be able to steal my phone / cards or bring a bolt cutter. (in which case you’ve earned it!)


I’ve always heard that the thieves at places like this are looking for easy targets. The cable should absolutely deter folks to keep on moving.

We have the same issue here with folks going around stealing from cars. They hit up neighborhoods in the middle of the night looking for open doors. They aren’t forcing their way in anywhere, but we all know when they have hit because of the multitude of comments on Facebook from folks who left their car door unlocked (and yes, I was one of those people this past summer - luckily I don’t keep anything valuable in there and learned an important lesson).

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