Volcano Bay Express Pass - Punga and Kala/Tai Nui

Hi. The Universal website Express Pass description for Volcano Bay makes it clear that you get BOTH Ohyah and Ohno, for example, for the “Ohyah & Ohno Drop Slides” by listing both as available but does not do that for “Punga Racers” or “Kala & Tai Nui” slides. Does anyone know if the Express allows you to ride both slides at Punga and Kala/Tai Nui?

It does! The reason “Oh No & Oh Yeah” are listed individually is because you use separate entrances to get to those slides at different towers. They are next to each other though.

At Punga and such, you enter the same tower and as you go up you the stairs you pick a lane to follow. When everyone gets to the top you are already sorted by queue at the same loading area.

You will be allowed to do each. You tap your Tapu Tapu at a different station for each slide before entering. A lifeguard will be there to assist and make sure you get on the slide you want.

My BIGGEST Volcano Bay advice - STUDY THE VB PARK MAP!!

VB is wonderful, but so confusing to navigate the first couple of times. Some slides you can see from all over the park. It can be so confusing to find them.

Do not EVER hesitate to ask a TM for directions. They totally get it. I’ve even had TMs walk me to where I want to go. (not just “point”) IMHO - The TMs are VB are the best of all the parks. I think it has to do with how stress-free VB is versus the non-stop rush of loading people on coasters and loud noises!

Also, IMHO, this is the definitive YT video about VB. I found it so helpful my first time!!