Volcano Bay Express Available

You have to get in that line even if you prepay. So if using that early entry time is super important to you and it’s only 30 minutes you’ll need express. You could always come back to claim your cabana after early entry too. But since we had EP (hence me thinking it’s worth it) I didn’t mind the 15-20 min wait to get our cabana which we had prepaid but still had to get in line to secure.

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I just remembered when we were standing in our socially distanced line to get into the park for EE they were letting people go pay for Cabanas there at the ticket booths so @shawthorne44 is right in that maybe that line gets really long too and then you’d have to wait in another line at Guest Services to get your cabana. So two lines if you don’t prepay and one line if you do.

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I will also add on a previous trip we had rented a cabana and the park got closed due to weather and they did reimburse us. So just FYI whatever the normal cancellation policy doesn’t apply if the park is closed for weather.

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It’s been a while but I got a bus at RPR and at that time it stopped at Sapphire Falls?

When we went to VB last February, we also picked the bus at RPR. It made a stop at SFR and then on to volcano bay. A nice empty bus for 5 people.

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Just an FYI on chair rentals. You reserve a section, but depending on the day you may not get it. We reserved at the wave pool because DD8 spends hours in those. They put us at the lazy river and said the area we reserved was full. Asked for a refund and said we would give up our seats, they refused.

When I rented a cabana they had us go to an interior ticket booth. They had to escort us to the cabana.I prepaid for the cabana (and changed the date a few days earlier based on possible thunder storms).

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Thanks for all your answers! I am going to VB in May so this is all very helpful.

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