Volcano Bay Cabana rental details

We are family of 12 from Iow doing Universal 5 days during the week of July 22, 2023. I’ve done some very detailed planning on other Disney and Universal trips. This trip includes 4 teenagers I’m not going to be ordering around so we’re winging it. :scream:
We are staying off site in a large home with pool in Kissimmee but our tickets include early entry.

I have rented the large deluxe Family Cabana for Tuesday July 25th. I was thinking if we get to the park early enough I’d send everyone to the aquacoaster while I get us checked in at the cabana. Then I’d go find everyone at the aquacoaster. But this plan seems like there could be a lot of opportunities for frustration

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Must of the group is older and not needing the kiddie pool area. Is there a specific Cabana I should request?

Since we are driving in what is the fastest way to get in line at Volcano Bay for early entry?

I am a Universal junkie but none of my skills work with grand teenagers or staying off site.

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Here are two very helpful threads to check out.


Thanks, great help!

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It took a minute to get our cabana when we went and we were coming from the hotel entrance during early entry about 10 people back but like 3 parties. Your party would probably be off Aquacoaster long before you get checked in.