Volcano Bay- Anyone been recently?

So, has anyone been recently? How are the lines?

Also, I am pondering Premium Seating. Has anyone used that. We are a family of three, but we never use more than 2 seats. Will Premium Seating work for the three of us? Or is the entire seating area restricted to those with wristbands or something? We wouldn’t be using much of the amenities, just a locker by our seats and the sunshade for me for a bit.

I have not been this year, However, the various USO vloggers I keep up with say VB is the only park that does fill up. Personally, I like to get there at open & ride until it gets too hot - like 12p - 1p. That’s about when the VB fills up anyway.

Haven’t used PS. I’m a “non-stop” kinda person. When I get to the point that I want to sit, which is rare, I’m ready to stop for the day.

If you need more info about it - I’d suggest this:



We will be there when passholders are allowed in early. So, that is a thought. To plan on go-go-going. Then showering, and either go back to our room or to the other parks.

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We’ve been a few times, probably one of our favorite things to do! It’s always a good time

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Could you share those USO vloggers again? I remember you shared some when I was looking for ride reviews but I can’t find them now. My kids really wanted a waterpark day but it doesn’t look promising for Typhoon Lagoon opening by November. If I rebook my hotel and car rental I get just enough savings to pay for an extra night- using my special math anyway. How would a Saturday in November be, crowd-wise? If I can’t convince my DH to spend an extra night, how much will we miss the extra hour for onsite guests if we go after we’ve moved onto WDW?

With COVID in action, I really can’t give you a good answer. Historically, as long as it isn’t the week during Thanksgiving it’s not too bad- like CL 5 - 6

I’m a little confused? Are you asking about Early Entry or arriving an hour after the parks open? Are you speaking about VB or the theme parks?

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Early entry to volcano bay. Someone posted once about early entry, crowds and competing with onsite guests. I know a lot of the old rules are out the window now, but wondering how big of an advantage it is for a weekend visit. As in should we prioritize it for when we’re onsite (and therefore get that early entry) or early entry isn’t a big deal and we can go the following weekend as offsite visitors.

IMHO - EE is a big deal at VB - more so than any other Universal Park. For the theme parks, they only have about 2 - 3 rides open during EE. At VB it’s almost all open and that park fills up faster than the others.

In November, it’ll be less crowded than now if school is in session (again…COVID monkey wrench to all planning in 2020) However, VB crowds tend to grow as the morning & afternoon progresses unlike the theme parks. Typically, the theme parks crowds “plateau” by lunch with people taking breaks and such by 2pm.

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