Visiting Universal While Staying at SOG

Does anyone have any experience with visiting Universal while staying at the Shades of Green resort? I saw that SOG provides shuttle transportation for a fee. Would that get us there for RD? Just curious to hear others’ experiences with this. Thanks so much!

Maybe @bswan26 can help. I think he’s the resident SoG expert. Just tagging him to help him see your post.

I don’t have experience with Shades of Green, but I’ve been doing a bunch of research on visiting Universal. It sounds like the perks associated with staying in a Universal hotel are HUGE. You get Early Entry to the Harry Potter areas if you stay on site, which means locals and people at off-property hotels are always an hour behind the first crowd. You also get free Express Passes for everyone, which are like mega FastPasses for most attractions. You can buy an Express Pass for each person for each day if you want, but that cost is significant enough to make the on-site room pay for itself for most people. Just a thought! I’m sure there are tricks to seeing everything if you stay off-site.

Thanks @Outer1 and @SallyEppcot! I have looked into staying onsite with Universal as well. It’s just quite pricey for a family of 5. We’ve never considered visiting Universal on previous trips but my DS7 and DS9 are very into Harry Potter now. I’m in the very early stages of planning and was curious about any experiences SOG folks had with Universal.

I’m good with SoG, but unfortunately have never done SoG and UoR on the same trip. Pretty sure you can get discount tickets for UOR T SoG.

Yes, I’ve looked at getting my tix there. Just looking for someone who has visited UOR from SOG. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

@crazysublady if you are staying at SOG then I assume someone in your party may be in the military. Universal offers a 30% discount for active military.

Some of there rooms that hold 5 people are then less expensive than paying for the express pass.

Great benefit IMHO

Thanks @stonecold! My husband is an “active” reservist. I need to call and verify if we are eligible, that would definitely probably be worth it.