Visiting Universal First Week in January

Has anyone visited universal the first week in January? Looking to give our kids a trip for Christmas and be there the 5-8 (my middle daughter’s birthday is the 7th) but the crowd calendar says it’s a 10 those days :flushed:

We’d really like to be at the parks for her birthday! Having a January birthday she rarely gets to do anything really cool. And our school starts back the following week. We’ll be staying at a deluxe resort, so we will have express passes.

Yep that still a popular week with many schools not returning to session until the following week. We’ve been in WDW that week and enjoyed it. With Express Pass you’ll be good I would imagine. Sounds like a great birthday- mine is January too and I know that feeling.

You’ll have a great trip.

Then you have nothing to worry about! Express Pass, UXP, is 1000 times better than FastPass at Disney. It’s truly “Express”! Typically, you’ll only wait about 33% of the posted wait time - never more than 50%.

If this is your first Universal trip, you’ll need to remember it’s no where as large as WDW. You’ll be able to do pretty much everything you want - especially with a bit of help from here!

Use the Early Entry for WWOHP! Just like WDW - get to RD about 45+ minutes early so you don’t have to wait twice as long in the first couple of queues