Visiting Early May...Do I need a sweater, jacket, sweatshirt?

My DD19 and I are visiting WDW in early May.
The weather forecast says 89 degrees average–YIKES! What’s the humidity like in early May? Is it similar to summer months? Meaning basically, you get out of the shower, exit your hotel, and want to shower again immediately!
Also should I plan on bringing a sweater for indoors? Coming from low humidity na cooler CA, I find that most indoor establishments (restaurants) in the South really pour on the AC, so it gets chilly.

Humidity builds in May but is not like the summer months yet. We go last week of April and it’s usually still pretty dry at the beginning of the week but getting hotter and more humid as the week progresses. You probably will not need any outerwear but sometimes it’s nice to have a light sweater in early morning or at restaurants.

I’ve had three early May trips and no one ever needed a jacket, etc. We are ripe drop to close people.

Some TS places could be a little chilly.

I would pack one. Some places really do seem to blast the AC. You can always leave it in the room if you find that you don’t use it. I typically didn’t use mine last May, but my kiddos used their fleeces more than once indoors.

We went last May and never used jackets. I would say humidity varies. Some days it wasn’t bad and some days it was higher. Mornings and evenings were pleasant.

We’ve been late April and early May quite a few times, never need long sleeves outdoors (and I get cold super easy). I always bring a hoodie for the restaurants. It really can be positively arctic in some of them… :rofl:

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We’ve been in early May and mid May and didn’t use jackets for either trip.

Both trips were pretty hot (high 80s - low 90s) but we live in TX so it didn’t bother us. The humidity didn’t seem too high.

I have always brought a hooded sweatshirt in May. I think I have only used it once or twice but I was happy to have it on a cooler, misty night.

No matter when you go, I would plan on taking a sweater. When kids were younger, we went the end of August and my son was so cold at Hoop Dee Doo, the server/CM brought him a tablecloth to wrap up in. That was so cute :grinning:


We are going May 11-15. I will bring long sleeves for everyone just in case, probably for plane rides. Should i pack any pants?

Thank you for all your responses…Coming from CA, glad to read that the humidity won’t be at its peak…Will definitely bring a light sweater or two and of course, our rain ponchos!

LOL…reminds me of times that my once little DD in cool restaurants would cover herself in clean cloth napkins!

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When traveling to FL or anywhere else with a tropic temp, I always bring one long sleeve shirt, one long pair of pants, one sweater of some kind - no matter the season. You won’t need a parka, but you might be glad to have something to cover your arms and legs if the temps drop.

I packed sweats for my kids just in case. DH and I wore jeans down, but those were the only pants I brought for us. (Well, unless you count the lightweight pj pants I brought.)

A differering point of view from someone who lives on the west coast- we go in late March/early April most years, and it can be very hot and humid to us. It may not feel bad to those from the East, mid-west, south, literally everywhere but the West, but it is a huge shocker for us every year (where I live in WA it is maybe 20% humidity most days). Last year it was 85-93 our first 7 days with high humidity. The last 3 days it finally cooled off a bit and the humidity dropped some. Even at night it is still very warm there, not like the west where the temps might drop 30 degrees on a summer night. You just never know how it will be. We do better with a mid day a/c break as the mornings and evenings are better when that bright ball of sun isn’t scorching your skin. We never need pants, or long sleeves. We do take a thin rain jacket or sweatshirt for restaurants, but that is the extent of it. Many days we change clothes during our afternoon break as we are very sweaty. When you live in a humid climate all the time, your body gets used to it (I grew up in VA so used to not be bothered by humidity so much). Living out here in our wonderfully dry climate, it makes it tough going to Florida.