Visiting Disneyland at Halloween

We have planned our Disneyland trip for sept 21-26 but I just learned that the Halloween party will kick us out of the park early on Friday. Because of the slow season, I was under the impression that many of the parades, shows, and fireworks, wouldn’t be happening during the week. Does this mean we will miss those if we choose not to pay for the party? Seems really sad to me, so I’m looking for someone who has experienced this and can relate their story. Thanks!!

Yes, you will miss the 60th Anniversary fireworks if you are not there on Saturday or Sunday night. Halloween party nights they will show the Halloween fireworks (which are amazing by the way). World of Color shows every night during the slow season, but Fantasmic and fireworks are only on Friday-Sunday nights. Is there any way you can add a day to your trip, either before or after? Otherwise you most likely will miss the new 60th fireworks completely. The party is fun, but expensive and very crowded (at least the one we went to in October was).

Thank you very much! Maybe we should shift our trip to begin a day earlier. I would hate to miss the new firework show and fantasmic!


My family is going from October 7-11 for the 1st time during HalloweenTime. My question is that even if we are there on Thursday night we still won’t get to see the 60th fireworks and parade? We are already planning on going to the Halloween party on Friday night. Any tips since this will be our first time? Everyone in the party going is adults. Also does Fantasmic only run on the weekends now? It’s a must for us every time we go.

They may have the parade on Thursday, but generally Fantasmic and Fireworks are only Friday-Sunday during the slower season/school year. Both are very loud and there are tons of neighborhoods surrounding DLR. The parties have not been announced yet, nor does the DLR schedule go more than 6 weeks. So at this point it’s just speculation, will need to wait until closer to the time to know for sure what will play which night.

As for the party it has not been confirmed as of yet there is talk of them moving it to California adventure because of the 60th calibration and all the work and money to make a new experience.

I had to chime in - we saw the 60th fireworks in June and they were the best I’ve seen since the 50th. Just amazing. I haven’t seen the Halloween ones (get to this year! yay!), but I vote that if you can go, go. I would add that if you can only see them once, try to get a spot on Main Street.

Paint the Night and DL Forever FWs will be shown during the weeknights on non-Halloween party nights(Sept 11 to Nov 1)which is a change from past years as confirmed on the comments to the link I posted. Fantasmic will probably be just weekends, check the DL calendar for entertainment schedule. The first party is Friday Sept 25th, so you should be fine.