Visiting Disney During Marathon

We are visiting Disney during the Marathon and are looking at park options:

Friday - Epcot
Saturday -MK
Sunday -MK
Monday - AK
Tuesday - HS

We have a 4 and 6 year old. Given the Marathon schedule does this seem like a good plan. Since we are going in January, we arrive and could do a half day Thursday but we thought we might keep that open for a water park. Any thoughts on the plan?

Additionally, if we finish a park at 4 and have reservations at 7 for dinner - is it realistic to go back to the Polynesian for the kids to have a nap and get back or do you recommend just staying in the park?

We visited in January during the marathon (the end of the week) and really did not notice an impact on crowds in the park. I would watch for traffic, but if you use Disney transport you are generally better off. If you are staying at the Poly then you will be fine taking mono or ferry!

Napping at the Poly is VERY doable no matter when you take breaks really. We’ve monorailed over there for my son to take stroller naps even when we weren’t staying there.