Visiting both Universal and WDW - how do I merge the crowd calendar?


I’m going to both Universal and WDW in January, 2020. I’m trying to figure out the best days to go to the various parks. How can I compare apples to apples all on one page?
If this is not possible, I hope Touring Plans will make it available in the future!


It’s not available to my knowledge, unfortunately. I wish it was, cause I was thinking the same thing the other day!

I suggest using the Undercover Tourist crowd calendar for such things. Of course, it isn’t the same, but at least gives you some guidance during your preliminary planning by giving you insight into both Universal and Disney at the same time.

I ended up pulling the Touring Plans data plus other crowd calendars into a spread sheet to compare and to decide where to go when. But note that a 7 at WDW is going to feel a lot more crowded than a 7 at Universal. I think each park (even within WDW) has its own scale since the crowd levels are based on wait times at key rides, right?

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This is what I do (put the info into a spreadsheet) to see all together. But I always have a trip planning spreadsheet anyway, what’s one more tab? :rofl:

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A good rule of thumb is to start with the Disney parks and choose the lowest average crowd level days. That’s usually Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday as a good example. Work Universal out around that, maybe Sunday, Monday or so. I went January '18. Great trip, crowds were a bit heavier than predicted. But had very few long waits and weather was perfect.