Visiting AKL vs BW

I'm hoping for a long weekend trip in Oct, just to do MNSSHP. We won't buy park tickets, instead we will swim and visit resorts. I would like to visit both AKL and BW, trying to decide which to visit during the daytime and which one at night. Both have lots to see, and we want to enjoy a lot of what they have to offer! Thanks for the help!

Definitely AKL during the day and BWV at night. AKL animals will be out and visible during the day (have lunch at Sanaa and request a window seat). Go to both Kidani and Jambo. Both are beautiful. Jambo lobby is breathtaking! Then walk through both lobbies and outside to view the animals a and talk to the cast members.
BW gets hoppin' after dark with performers and carnival games.
Alternatively, besides a couple shops, an art gallery and some eateries, there isn't as much going on during the day at the BW and unless you are staying at AKL, there isn't much to do there at night.

I definitely would visit AKL during the day and BW at night. Although you can use night goggles to see animals at night, you can see so much more in the day light! Also, there are always cultural events happening throughout the resort. I think BW is better at night. The entertainment is only there at night!

Thank you, @MDU and @PrincipalTinker! That's exactly what I needed to hear! We've stayed at AKL (briefly) and have only been to FF once, so I am glad to get some guidance. Now, to talk DH into going... smile

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