Visit Seven Dwarfs Ride & Meet Anna/Elsa at Mid-Day?

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First time user of and I’ve personalized our 2-day trip to the MK on May 14th - 15th. We were unable to secure FastPass+ for the Seven Dwarfs and Meet Anna/Elsa.

Everything I’ve read on the website/blogs say to either make those 2 rides a Fastpass + selection (which I’m unable to thus far) or head for those rides first thing in the morning after rope drop.

However, when I optimize my plan it has me going to the Seven Dwarfs ride on May 14th at 11:08am with an estimated wait time of 40 min and Meet Anna/Elsa on May 15th at 12:12pm with an estimated wait time of 51 min.

Do those wait time sound reasonable for that time of the day? Everything I’ve read said the waits can be 90+ min by late morning through the afternoon. Seems odd that the blogs would say head for those rides first thing yet the optimizer tool has me going later in the day.

Thx for your feedback!

That sound about right. The thinking is that lines for other rides like Space or Peter pan will be long by 11-1 as well. So do lots of rides like dumbo p/pan space splash before 11 when there will be very little wait for them and everyone is waiting in queues for 7dmt or AE. Then you can fit more rides into your park day.
Eg Think about doing 6 rides with 10 min wait times early. These same 6 rides will go up to 25 mins at mid day ( or an hour in some cases) so would take 150 mins or an extra 90 mins to complete. 7dwarfs and A/e unless you are at very front will still have a 30-40 min wait time at opening so it is only adding an extra 20 or so mins to do them later. You could try to do one of them at rd but but the time you do that you could have done 3 other rides.
The queues are peaking initially about 45 mins after rd at the moment then getting quieter until late morning. Also lunch time people are eating not in queues.
Peak time is 1-4 Hope this helps

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Also, just a tip…

When you are in the park and you are passing by 7dmt, if the line does not go beyond the entrance sign, the wait time is generally 40-45 minutes (regardless of the posted wait).

So you might want to jump in if that’s the case. 40-45 minute wait for 7dmt is pretty good.


Thx for the feedback, very helpful. What you’ve said makes total sense…so we’ll trust the “recommended plan” and do as it says.

Thx again!

One of the best explanations I’ve read. Great work

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