Visit Guest Services before or after entering the park?

I am currently holding an AP (I thought I was going on back to back trips, but those dreams were shattered.) and DH is holding an 8 day hopper. He is going to upgrade on our first day to an AP. The tickets were bought straight from Disney (I know…I know). Should we visit Guest Services before or after we tap in at AK (arrival day)?

Purchased from Disney…go to GS before tapping in.

Purchased from others…tap in once, to activate, then upgrade.

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Thanks @stuckinbmode.

After they convert the ticket to the annual pass, make sure the date is correct. Both times when we upgraded from a park ticket to an annual pass it wanted to start the annual pass on the date the ticket was purchased rather than the date the ticket was actually used. It makes a difference as we would have lost a month on the annual pass.

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I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip.