Visa only today (3/19/2015)

Visa Only today through the 23rd

Tiered Room Only Offer: for stays June 16-August 27

15% -Values
20% - Mods
30% - Deluxe/Villas

excluded: AOA LM, AS Movies, Campsites, French Quarter, GF Villas, BLT, New Poly Villas

Book now through June 12th


On hold with Disney now… Hoping for some magic!! Thanks for posting!

Curious how long people are waiting on hold?

It’s always pretty long when new promo’s drop. Last year some of the TA’s were on hold for 6+ hours.

I called at 7 on the dot, didn’t wait at all. Celebrating DH graduating! I think he’ll love AKL cl.


I got through quickly this morning. Called as the clock turned to 7am. Got everything I needed done.

It’s nice when they break out the visa offer. Monday will still be crazy, but when it’s not EVERYONE calling in, it’s much better.


I just called in and wasnt on hold at all. I saved $1100!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!


No wait calling at 720 this morning. Saved $1200 off rack rate at GF… Ended up upgrading to club level room and it was still $400 cheaper than our initial price! So excited!!!

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Is there somewhere Visa members go to see these deals when they are released? We just got a Disney Visa so we aren’t sure how that all works but would love to be in the know ahead of time…

Their special offers are usually listed here:

Although I hear about them here way before. They haven’t even added today’s to the page. They also usually send out an email around noon on the day it’s released.

If I get a Visa card this week, can I apply for this deal to a previous booking for August? Do they have any disclaimers about using the card or how long you have to be members before the deal is allowed? Staying at POR.

You can use it. As long as you have the card in hand, you are eligible, and you can apply it to a prior booking, as long as there is still space availble for the deal. If you have it, call ASAP, as the deal will be opened to the public probably Monday, and then all the rooms will be booked for the deal.

When you mean open to public… do you mean everyone can get this discount or still only those with the Visa Card?

Anyone. Generally discounts are offered early to disney visa holders, and a few days later open up to everyone, whether they have a disney visa or not.

Do you have to charge the whole trip to the Disney visa? Or can you merely be a cardholder and have the discount apply?

only the deposit needs to be on the visa

Thanks for responding @DarthDopey. Is this a discount that can be applied after you’ve made the reservation?

at this point, the discount is the same for everyone, whether you use the card or not. The VISA promo is only offered BEFORE the same discount is offered to the general public.

for example, this last time, there was a package/room discount offered. It opened up for VISA holders first for a few days. Then, the same discount was opened up for everyone. VISA holders just got first dibs at it.

No discounts can automatically be applied. If there is still availability, then Disney can switch your current reservation to the discount/promotion.

I hope that makes a little sense.

It does, thank you! You are so helpful!

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You’re welcome! Glad it made sense.