Visa gift cards accepted in UOR?

In advance of our trip next year, we’ve picked up some Disney gift cards for each other.
So we’ve given each other the means to indulge & treat ourselves on site.

But if there’s Universal gift cards, nobody sells them in Canada. I’m thinking a pre-paid Visa gift card would work, wouldn’t it? Or don’t they take Visa in Hogsmeade?

They did have a relationship with American Express but I heard it has ended including the closing of the lounge)?


“If you want a one gift card solution to your Orlando vacation we recommend purchasing a prepaid debit gift card such as the Visa Gift Card. Not only are these debit gift cards accepted at all theme parks, but they also can be used outside the parks for everyday purchases.”


Have you tried ordering Universal gift cards direct?

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I was looking at that today but I think I’ve left it too late for Xmas.

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It might be worth a call to see how long it would take 407-224-7840

They take credit cards throughout the park. Make sure the Visa gift card is one of those debit card ones.

The one downside to using a Visa gift card is they often have an additional fee added on top of them, unlike other gift cards. So be on the lookout for that when you are deciding which one to buy.


What’s the difference between a Visa gift card and a Visa debit card?

Good question. A Visa gift card is, by definition, a debit card. I wasn’t aware of any other type of Visa gift card!