Virtual Queue for SW:GE in place

So I know this will be of interest to anyone heading to WDW in the next few weeks.

I took a screenshot of this that someone posted over on WDWMagic, that was left in their room.


Thank you for this!! We are heading down on Wednesday and the lack of information is frankly puzzling and annoying

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Thank you!

Did you see this post:

Thank You!! Is it odd that nothing “official” has come out yet?

The thing that has me stumped on how it’s going to work at WDW vs DL is the ADRs for Oga’s Cantina at HS. How does a virtual queue work with this? If the land reaches capacity and you’ve got a noon ADR at Oga’s is it just a no-go for you? And then you’re a no-show at your ADR and certainly they shouldn’t be able to penalize you for that (monetarily speaking) right? My head is :exploding_head: with all the rabbit hole options I’ve spiraled down. :joy:

If you have a reservation for Oga’s, the Droids, Savi’s…etc. you get access to the land up to 1 hour before your reservation, even if the land is “full”


Disney know how many reservations it has for Oga’s, Savi’s and Droids Depot per hour so I am sure that number will go be considered in the capacity totals some how.


Virtual Queue will probably ONLY be used IF it fills to capacity, and they probably wont know that until it opens. I would guess that capacity will probably be more of a problem Aug 29 - Sept 1, before EEMH, and the other things WDW has offered to put people in other parks to disperse crowds.

I see why they are waiting on releasing any kind of announcement and letting guests know about a virtual queue when they arrive. You cant advance reserve the virtual queue system so there is not need to plan for it until Day Of crowds dictate its need.


Here is a better explanation in a “How it Works” format: