Virtual Lines, it's a mystery! How do I figure out which rides will have VL this Tues/Wed?

So I know Hagrids has had a VL in the past, but someone said they haven’t had it in a while.
Velocicoaster also might have a VL but you don’t know until the morning of?
So…how do I snag these VL reservations?
I am looking at the Universal Studios App on my phone right now and see no way to do that.
Thanks you!

Universal is not currently using Virtual lines. They did not use them during the December holidays.

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Ok, great, thank you!!!

Virtual Line is standard for Fallon.

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Is there a certain time of the day/day of the week/time of year that it is more common?

Universal hasn’t used Virtual Lines in quite some time. They’ve manage to get the big rides, like Hagrid’s & VelociCoaster, running very reliably. (You might still have to wait hours to ride Hagrid’s during peak times like Spring Break / Thanksgiving)

Race Thur NY w/ Jimmy Fallon uses them infrequently - mostly on super high park capacity days. (It’s not worth it!! :rofl: They use the VL there because the preshow is an actual production with performers during peak times. They’re better than the ride!)