Virtual Line

Does anyone know if you can have a virtual line reservation for F&F and Fallon together? Not at the same time, but say one at 11 and one at 1?

Second time this question has come up and I tagged it for the mailbag but I have not seen an answer! @josephmatt, did you get an answer for the blog?

Haven’t been able to independently confirm yet.

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Thanks! I assumed you would like mailbag questions from someone other than me! I love your blog!

Me too, I love reading it! I wish I could answer too, but neither rides had the virtual line running when I went, just standby.

I have an answer, it’ll run today.

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Can we get a link please?? I am curious to know the answer for our trip in August

Edited to add that I found the blog and the answer

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Thank you so much!

Yes just use the “universal” app and set them up. You have a choice of times you want to go. I did it last week, set up both while waiting in line a shriek 4D…

Missed the blog, came back here to see if there had been an update and found the link. Thanks so much. Very helpful in planning!