VIP Tour questions

Thanks to a generous family member, I’m going to be able to do a VIP tour on our last day in WDW. They called this morning from the wait list! I am going with my 8 year old granddaughter on her 1st Disney trip. Luckily, it’s my HS studios day so no more ROR pressure!
Any advice or prior experience with VIP tour would be helpful, kind of outside my usual realm.

My plan is to do MK first day from just before park open (8am)to late afternoon then park hop to Epcot and explore World Showcase area until tired out, do Frozen etc( have a 630 ADR at La Hacienda). 2nd day is AK, which we will do from open to close 7, then park hop to Epcot again and try to do the Aquarium, Imagination,Test Track maybe Soaring or the Land if time permits.

We are staying at the Dolphin so easy to walk, boat to hotel those days. My granddaughter will have a DAS to use for the very long rides, due to an anxiety panic disorder. It’s mostly ok, but long waits and loud crowds can start a spiral of anxiety/ then " have to go", then tears because she didn’t get to do something., so she just can’t wait in a crowded noisy queue for 45 min, not and have a good experience. We will probably be an anomaly for our tour guide, as we will need to break in a quiet space from time to time due to her issue and won’t be looking to ride many if the headliners like Space Mountain or Everest or RocknrRoller coaster.

Our tour day is the last and park res is at HS. We have an ADR at Hollywood and Vine at 2:50.
The schedule is to meet our tour guide at HS at noon at Baseline Taphouse and end when they drop us off in VIP area for MK fireworks.

So we will walk to HS from Dolphin, get there around rope drop and try to do a few things before then. Probably try to do runaway railroad and Frozen sing along, maybe Star Tours, Muppet show I’m still going to try for a ROR boarding group in case I get an early one, then maybe get to do twice.

Once we meet with tour guide prob do ROR, smugglers run, the toy story area, lunch in there somewhere. Maybe by then in our trip granddaughter will be ready for SDD. If she has good rapport with the guide, may try to do a ride for myself on TOT while guide waits with her.
Pre vip tour my plan was to leave after lunch around 4 and park hop to MK, and let my granddaughter pick what rides she wanted to reride or rides we didn’t to the first day. Then grab a snack and find a place to watch fireworks.

Still plan to go to MK and do that but with VIP tour, it would take less time, as we wouldn’t be waiting on busses or crisscrossing park from DAS return time to shorter wait rides, or have to get an early spot for fireworks. So if there was something at AK/Epcot my granddaughter wanted to do would it be worth stopping there on the way?

Want to try to do some of the cool photo pass locations such as in Galaxys Edge.

Have the option to add time for the tour guide to take us to hotel, but seems a waste, but on the other hand we will be tired and waiting in a long crowded bus line would be an issue for granddaughter. We can bus to Boardwalk or Yacht club or ferry/ monorail and then bus to Dolphin. Any opinions ?

Would love to hear from anyone who has done a tour recently.

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Just so you know, Rise of the Resistance is not included with VIP tours.

Apparently it is back on, at least that is what the tour guide said when they called today. I specifically asked about if I needed a boarding group, and she said, no you can sleep in !

 Rate - $550.00 per hour/per Guide, with a consecutive seven hour min. and 10 hour max. per day.
 Theme Park admission is required at an additional cost to the Tour fee. Your VIP Tour Guide will
request to see your tickets and validate them for admission. “Disney Park Pass” park reservations are also required for park entry.
Know Before You Go
 Face coverings will be optional for fully vaccinated Guests in most areas. Face coverings will still be required of all Guests on Disney transportation, including riding in Private VIP Tour transportation,
Disney buses, monorails and Disney Skyliner.
o While we will not require proof of vaccination, we expect Guests who are not fully vaccinated
to continue wearing face coverings in all indoor locations, and upon entering and throughout
all attractions and transportation.
 VIP Tours actively participate in bag, security, and checking I.D. at our Theme Parks.
 For additional information about the reopening of Walt Disney World, including information regarding face coverings and temperature screenings, please visit the Experience Update section of
During Your Tour
 Throughout the Private VIP Tour, your VIP Tour Guide will provide insight about many wonders of the Walt
Disney World® Resort.
 Your VIP Tour Guide will help you enjoy some of your favorite attractions efficiently.
*Currently none of our attractions are excluded from a VIP tour experience
 VIP Tour Guides can host up to a maximum of 10 Guests.
 All VIP Tour amenities require being accompanied by your VIP Tour Guide.
 Billing for our services begins at the daily scheduled start time. Due to special nuances of the VIP Tour experience, requests for same day changes to your start time may not be accommodated.
 A two hour fee will be charged per Tour Guide, for any cancellations of your first Tour day, made less than
48 hours in advance of your first Tour date.


Yes, RotR is included now.

I would cancel the Hollywood and Vine lunch or try to move it earlier and start the tour after lunch. I would not waste tour time on a sit down meal.

I would write down a list of attractions you want to attend with the guide and give it to VIP Services so they can formulate a plan. I would mention the potential need for more breaks as well. It could be worth stopping at AK/EP. It might depend what all you get in on the previous days. You can request to ride most things more than once if you want.

You can request a booster seat for the car if needed. Masks are required in the van when going from park to park.

Be prepared to be flexible. Have in mind things that are must do and would like to do. MMRR was down when we wanted to ride. We decided to skip it and not come back since we had been on earlier in our trip. I think if we really wanted to do it our guide would have found a way to get it back in for us. Obviously this is assuming the attraction comes back on line.

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I considered canceling or moving the lunch, but we really are going to have break more than most, for my granddaughter as well as me( young at heart, but not my knees!), so I don’t mind the stop and regroup. I was hoping the CM could eat with us, not sure about covid policy on that, so that we can also use the time to plan and have my granddaughter be more comfortable with her.

I think if you move the lunch earlier that you can still take any breaks you may need, but you won’t be locked into one that is more than an hour long and possibly not when you need it to be.

A nice, leisurely lunch before you start the tour has you both relaxed, rested, and ready to go. That then leaves you flexible for the rest if your day.

I totally get it. My son is autistic and well before his diagnosis at 6yo, we were well aware of many of his sensory challenges.