VIP Tour - For First Planned MK Day- Pondering the Worth....Thoughts?

So fellow Liners…a Disney CM just called me and let me know they now have an open slot for a VIP Tour (VT? VIPT?) available on the day of our first planned MK day (second MK day -with a later planned “start time” - is the next day) for our first-time visit.

Understanding that VTs do NOT give “front of the line” access but only LL-access, I initially inquired about VT availability for our first MK day, thinking it might be a great way to be able to get to “more” with “less” hassle and was put on the waitlist. I’m also aware that the nature of the guide can/will affect the experience. I’ve already changed our Skipper Canteen lunch ADR to a bit earlier to try to ensure the ADR does not take away time from the VT, and the VT could truly be “attraction-focused”,

Has anyone done an MK VT? Thoughts, opinions, past experiences - positive or negative - are most welcome as I can cancel up to 48 hours before the start of the VT - I thought I would grab it NOW, ponder and debate (with myself) on the worth (plan is to surprise the other one with this - even though the “base trip” was a bday gift to me) …I truly do not know if we will ever have a chance to go back to WDW as I’ll be retiring in about 3-4 years and we’ll be moving to Europe…(there IS still Disneyland Paris, of course)!

Thanks for reading and for your time!

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I have not done a tour - but my understanding is that you can go to multiple parks during your tour. I would consider adding in ILLs from other parks (FoP? GOTG? Rise?) or anything that is a “must do” so you can experience it and then have more casual starts to your day moving forward.

I’m sure others will have opinions on how they have done this!


Thank you, yes - I saw that - but as I think I read here on TP (and elsewhere?) - others have noted the travel times between parks “eat in” to the overall scheduled time… decisions, decisions (yeah, I realize this is a “first world” dilemma/decision) and I truly feel lucky to even be able to consider this!

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Figure out what you’d like to definitely do at MK during that first day and let the Tour guide know. They can then guide you on order that makes things most efficient. I would suggest doing rides that can have more significant waits with the tour guide as your first priority. Leave the simple stuff like Tiki Room, PeopleMover or Carousel of Progress for another time. Let them know that if you get everything done at MK you’d like to do X if there’s time. I’d probably suggest X as either Rise of the Resistance/Slinky Dog at HS or Flight of Passage at AK probably as your best bang for the buck.

The travel time is greatly reduced on a VIP tour. They’ll take you out a cast entrance to a parking lot over by the Plaza and drive you directly to a similar back exit at the park of your choice. Very efficient. I think you do need Park Hopper tickets though (or an AP) so be aware of that.

Do listen to your tour guides suggestions as they have done this a lot and understand what to do when and what would be a waster of your time. Obviously you can do whatever you want, but if you want max entertainment for your time/dollar, they are there to help…


Thanks SO much for your time and response @Damavs - appreciate it!!!

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Don’t rule out coming back to WDW. It’s an easy direct flight from so many places in Europe, you get access to the UK ticket specials (14 day hopper for about the cost of 4 days, free memory maker etc). It could easily lure you back :grinning:


@JuliaMc may have more VIP tour tips!


I have only done the VIP tour once (last December), and while it was excellent and fun and such a unique way to experience WDW, I would not recommend it for a first visit to be honest. You miss out on what makes Disney so amazing- the story. You go from ride to ride (and for us, park to park as we went to all 4), entering rides from back access places and well let’s just say it would have spoiled the magic for me if I hadn’t already been there 100 times in my life and seen it all from the other side. But maybe just staying in MK, you wouldn’t notice any of that stuff?


For my first time guests, I recommend knocking out the long lines on a VIP tour and then taking a day in each park to meander, snack, dine, enjoy shows and ride lower wait attractions. That’s how you get the most value out of your tour. HS should be priority, followed by MK, then EP. I generally recommend starting at EP or HS in the afternoon and ending with MK and requesting VIP fireworks viewing.


Thanks so much for your thoughts and great points for the first time WDW visit! I may have to trust that my other remaining four days (one park for each day) combined with the scheduled DHS and EP DAH will let me experience those aspects of the magic you mention and that I fondly remember from my childhood in the early 70s going to Disneyland many times while living in CA. (I wrote the first part of that sentence BEFORE I read @FOMOm_VA’s post suggesting something similar…)

All you mention certainly will be part of my ongoing self-debates about this as I decide what to do. Thanks again @Wahoohokie!!! Appreciate the time you took for this!!!


Hope your trip is great!

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I was tagged. Thoughts on VIP.

Please take what I say with a grain of salt, as I pal around with a unique set of humans and most of us have more money than sense (example: I spend absurd amounts of money on dumb things), but we all subscribe to “time vs money” which is a unique argument and one I find is more prevalent in the “rich disney set”. I’ve also been on more VIP tours than I will fess up about, but needless to say it’s in the dozens, however has not hit 3-digits. (However my expenses on tickets for carnival games has hit “more than some people spend on an entire trip”)

VIP on your first trip AND first day will RUIN you, ask me how I know as I’ve treated people to one and now they are forever ruined.

If you have the funds, why not, but I would recommend doing time in the parks FIRST, so you experience things and have a better idea of what you may want to focus on while on tour.

In addition, I know it’s a 7-hour minimum and 10-hour maximum. Go for all 10 hours. Why you ask? Because you’ll have more flexibility and be able to get more done.

THAT SAID. You are coming at a fairly busy time and most attractions you will be in the regular lighting lane queue even with your tour guide. There are some special access queues, but I won’t spoil any of that as it’s always subject to chance and never a guarantee.

DO make sure you end within 30 minutes of fireworks so the guide can drop you off at Magic Kingdom fireworks in the VIP viewing area (with Mickey bars and waters!).

The view is spectacular.

I also like to add, please use a travel agent if you can! It doesn’t cost you anything and disney gets a little less money.

Good luck deciding!


Thank you for your time and for responding, @JuliaMc - definitely lots of food…errrr…pixie dust for thought - especially after I’ve already perused your many posts here on this topic thanks to the mention/tag by @magical_jo

Thanks, again!