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Can anyone give me some information on a VIP pass at universal Orlando? Is it worth the extra money? Does it work for the Harry Potter rides- especially Gringots? We are going mid August. TIA

Hi @Janicecalloway - @LaurelStewart recently had a VIP tour guide and enjoyed it. Check the blog for the end of June. I’ll try to find the link for you.

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Thanks so much! We will be a family of five - 3 girls ages 13,11 and 8.
Will some of the rides be Roller coasters? I’m not sure 2/3 of my children will go on them. I know it wil be worth it for Harry Potter. I was told it was a set 12 rides in two parks. We already are staying at LRP so will have EE and UEP. I am Trying to justify spending the additional money. :slight_smile:

One more thing - we were quoted $350 per person -I suppose because it is a peak time?

Hi Janice! Not sure where you are getting info from but it seems off. Here is the official site for UOR VIP tours:

2 park non-exclusive tour in mid August is $329 + tax per person, admission is extra.

There are a number of different roller coasters at Uni, you’ll want to research the attractions before arriving:

The VIP tours are very good, but if you are staying onsite with early entry & express, it isn’t really necessary. VIP will let you cut the line at the Potter rides, but that is a lot of money for just a few attractions. Everything else should have minimal waits with express.

When are you going? We plan to try this in a few weeks and I can let you know if it was worth it. And we are primarily doing this for the HP stuff, but also because we only want to spend one day of our upcoming Disney trip there and this will help us maximize our time even better than the Xpass, We are doing a private guide, not the pre-set guide. We have done the VIP thing at Disney once or twice when we needed to maximize our time and it worked out so very, very well. Our kids are 9, 9, and 12. But if you are staying on property and can go back more than one day in a row, I doubt I could justify it just for a few rides like @skubersky indicates in his reply. It is a splurge for sure, but I think it will be worth it for us given our time frame…but certainly not for everyone. You can call the VIP line to ask them any questions about the experience. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the infor. The price is $329- the $350 is with the tax. I will definitley check out the rides before booking. Thanks!

Fyi: we did take a VIP guide for the day and for our family on a boiling hot August day, it was fantastic! A true splurge but to have someone else do the thinking and not have to really look at out watches, it was amazing. Our kids are very into HP right now and we only wanted to spend one day at UoR so this made the most of our day. We are a family of five and figure it is a similar cost for us to stay on property with two rooms for a few days plus food and flights. We had originally priced a separate trip to come back and see Universal and all the Harry Potter stuff, but we already had this trip planned to Disney, so this tour helped us be very efficient with our one day there. Did FJ and Gringotts and train and other rides twice, my twins got picked for wand demonstration, and we just made excellent time at everything. Guide knew everything about all the little details so
It was an education for all of us too.

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