Vineland shopping outlet

Honest opinions if this is worth a visit please? We have an outlet in Braintree here in the UK and I don’t think it’s cheap enough to class itself as an outlet (apart from maybe the Skechers shop!).
Would we grab some real bargains at Vineland as it will cost us about £25 round trip for a taxi, not sure it’s worth it?

I can’t speak to Vineland specifically (although we did go there once). But outlet malls in general are difficult to find amazing deals at compared to olden days. Sometimes you can…but even then, you can’t guarantee you are getting the same quality.

I read an article that talked about how a lot of brands will manufacture the same style of clothing, for example, for their outlets, but using cheaper quality materials…so while you might be buying something that is Calvin Kline in name and look, that shirt you are buying will not hold up nearly as well. (I use that example, because this has happened to me specifically with CK…I bought a shirt that I liked that I thought was a good deal…then one time through the laundry, it shrunk so badly it barely fit, and within a few months a seam started to unravel.)

I’m much more leery of outlet malls now as a result.

The character warehouse has amazing deals on Disney parks merchandise but aside from that, I can’t speak to the other stores.

If you are driving yourself it might be worth it. I’ve seen items posted online that I bought in the parks for 50%+ off.

If you have to take a Uber / Lyft that’s when it becomes an issue. You have hope you find stuff you actually want and buy enough to justify the cost of a ride over there. Plus, sometimes, you have to stand in a long line outside as they only admit a limited number of people into the store to discourage theft.

We didn’t think it was really cheap, and didn’t go the last 2 trips. We do go to the Florida Mall though. JC Penney’s is cheap and they have a Hot Topic which I love!

Thanks everyone, that’s made my mind up, I won’t go shopping, we can have a day off chilling out instead!

But…but…there’s still Disney Springs.

Yes, we must go there some time, my eldest wants to check out the Lego shop!

I recommend going in the evening as it turns dark. Lights, sounds, smells. I love it then.

Thanks, might just do that!