Villian's Soiree

After spending over an hour on hold, the Villian’s Soiree is sold out for any of the three days that I can go. The CM didn’t think it would have sold out so soon as it has been open only today. Oh well, saved $100.

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Wow, that’s unbelievable! Which days?

Wow. I am really surprised! And that’s a good attitude on the savings! Buy yourself something awesome :smile:

Just curious, is the $100 in ADDITION to the price of the MNSSHP ticket, or does it INCLUDE party admission?

The $99 per person for the Villains’ Soiree in the castle is in addition to the party ticket. The party ticket is not included in the price.


Jinx Kelly who spells her name like a normal person.

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When I was younger I wanted my name to be spelled with an i because all of the cool kids had names ending in i. :laughing:

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The one “l” in my name is the real weirdness. Of course my mother let me 4 year old brother name me and spell it. Could have been SO much worse.


If anyone wants to go I would suggest to keep checking. The tickets can be cancelled up to one day before party for a full refund so people may cancel creating openings!

I can not wait I hear reviews on this! I don’t want to go but want to know all about it :wink:

Yes, so total it would have been $160 bucks.

I’ve also heard that it follows the same wacky logic as the ADR system. Meaning that if you are going solo, you are better off trying to book for a party of two. Someone suggested adding a child under the age of 3.

It’s true. I went from Missy to Missi in 8th grade and I was infinitely cooler after that. :wink:


I can’t wait to hear all about the party. And I, too (no pun intended) changed the Y to an I in Marcy. In Jr high. Then changed to a Y with a dot over it. All very confusing.


I also went from Susan to Suzi for a short while in middle school…and dotted the “i” with the required tiny heart of course!