Villas at Disneyland Hotel

I’ve been watching the coverage of this new resort on DVC Fan this weekend over my morning coffee. I was very much a “no way Jose” based on the artist renderings of what this would look like. They need new artists - this resort and these rooms are beautiful!

If I can just get over the transient tax (which isn’t really too bad for a duo or traditional studio) I just might book a stay here.

Have you been watching? What do you think?


I see the argument for charging this to the occupant at the time. If not, it would have to be wrapped into dues. Ultimately the owners would be paying but the tax is based on the occupancy and will fluctuate. But it really does add a chunk to the stay. I really want to stay at the Disneyland hotel but I would have to rent points to stay at the Villas. A really good discount paying cash would be similar. But the new villa rooms are beautiful! :heart_eyes: I was just showing my sister yesterday. I love the duo Jungle Book theme.


Which it is at VGC. But because of a different political climate, the tax is much higher now than it was then.

I understand it’s not a DVC issue, but it doesn’t make it more palatable. When you purchase DVC your stay is prepaid and feels "free’. The charge isn’t too bad for a studio and mostly we probably wouldn’t really notice it too much, but you’re talking a couple hundred per night for the 2BR units – and that’s gonna hurt.

All of that said I was surprised at how impressed I was by how the rooms and resort turned out.


Wasn’t sure whether to create a new thread or not.

But the first resale contract for VDH has been listed. At $185 pp there really can’t be much of a saving, given the incentives available for buying direct. And those points will be restricted.

Sad for the seller if there’s been a change in circumstances forcing them to sell. Or maybe they just didn’t like it - since the first year’s points have been used.

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I would assume one of these too

It’s possible that they purchased the points strictly to use them that one time figuring the cost of the contract would be less than the cost of getting a room for their stay on cash?

I haven’t looked at the listing so not sure.

But in any case, it’s interesting to see one pop up so fast (I think Riviera had one pop up fast like this too) and it will be interesting to see what it sells for. It’s practically ROFR immune though