Villains Unleashed Party!

Who's going to be attending the Villains Unleashed party?

I won't be there but it looks fun! I'm loving all these special events at Hollywood Studios.

I am sending @niter and wifey as team representatives -


We will be there ....

@GrumpyInBrooklyn Whenever I see one of your post I always read it in a grumpy voice.. Makes me laugh smile

A fine bunch of water lilies you turned out to be. I'd like to see anybody make me quit chat if I didn't wanna.

Lost some liner cred there, that I didn't recognize that quote from Snow White right away haha

I do the same, @Hollywood1939! smile @GrumpyinBrooklyn - I think you chose the perfect avatar! wink

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Going!!!! So excited--I was bummed they did away with the villians dinner so this will be fun! .

I do too with @Grumpyinbrooklyn1 I also hear kermits voice being very excited whenever I see @LuvMuppets

Enjoy the villain party