Views of rooms at grand calif or disneylnd hotel

Is there a section to see views from individual rooms at DLR as there are for WDW hotels? Want quiet room away room away from barnstormer and privacy away from monorail zipping by

The monorail doesn’t really come anywhere close to hotel rooms, so you’re safe there (and it’s not like it makes much noise anyway). Barnstormer is a WDW ride, so I have no idea what your’e talking about here. Pacific Pier is not really close to the parks (you can see DCA from some rooms) and Disneyland Hotel is even further away; no real park noise at either. Grand Californian is right next to DCA, but it’s a pretty quiet part of the park and there’s enough distance that I doubt noise would be an issue. Looking at resort maps would probably be a more effective tool than room views.

Oh I am mistaken. The very loud similar ride at DCA is Goofy’s Sky School. I have stayed in rooms adjacent to that roller coaster and had to listen to people screaming at all hours of the day. This is not only unpleasant, but not conducive for quiet time back at the hotel mid day with the kiddies Also the monorail goes right thought the courtyard of some rooms At Grand Californian that I have also stayed in and there is lack of privacy as people on the monorail can see directly into the room unless the black out curtains are closed. I would prefer to not have stay in a dark cave like room and at least be able to open the doors/ blinds. I have already looked at the map but was wondering if Touring Plans had a site similar site as “Hotel Room Views” as they do the the WDW hotels or if someone had personal experience with a quiet/ private rooms they would recommend. If anyone has personal recommendations of rooms that fit my family’s needs or you know of a site with “Photos of Room views” please respond.

Hotel Room Views

As a subscriber, I looked on the site and couldn’t find the equivalent room finder link so I guess TP doesn’t have one for DLR which is too bad.
I’d call and ask a DLR reservationist, and if he/she isn’t helpful, keep calling back until you get a chatting one.

We had a room overlooking DTD and it was wonderful! We could see DL fireworks from our room. I was worried it would be loud, but once the slider was closed, it was quiet. We also had a room overlooking the the pool area and that was nice too.

thnak you

When we stayed at GCH we had a room facing the front of the hotel/Disneyland Drive. The view was nothing exciting, but it was very quiet which was wonderful. There is no room view finder for DLR, but you can call ahead and have them make a note on your reservation asking for a particular view/area of hotel. The rooms facing Goofy’s Sky School are definitely loud, I also would not want a room facing DTD as it is loud as well. Good luck!

I stayed in the Grand Californian in 2012 and the monorail went right past our room.

I don’t recall noise being an issue and the monorail stops running right at park closing, but if you’re concerned about noise, then I’d expect if you ask at check in that there shouldn’t be a problem putting you in a quiet part of the resort.

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This was my 9th floor view of the pool at the Disneyland Hotel last month. Adventure tower I cant recall the room number. lol But we were far far far away from the Goof.

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that looks perfect. thank you