View of MK closing show and fireworks

Is it still possible to sit in the park across from the castle and see everything?

I am not sure I understand your question. You can certainly stand in front of the castle and see everything but you need to grab your spot a long time before the show. If you want to actually be sitting down, you would need to book a dessert party, which allows you access to a VIP viewing area in which you can sit on fake grass (highly recommended IMHO). This area is a little to the right (not right across the castle) but it’s really good. I think there might also be some restaurants where you could book dinner and that would work but I’m not sure.

Thanks, last time we were there ( 13 years ago) there are benches in the circle across from the castle and people would gather there to watch the electric light parade then the fireworks it was the best view

Imagine what you remember, and add shoulder to shoulder people, that’s what it’s like now.


Wow that must have been nice !!! Unfortunately, you will not have such an easy time nowadays… :frowning:

Hence the popularity of the dessert parties.

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