Victoria and Albert's

I have an ADR for V&A’s for my upcoming trip (30th June-14th July). My father cannot tolerate onions (not an allergy, just undesirable digestive effects) and neither he nor my DS (14) like spicy food. DS is also not a fan of fish.

I have assured them both that all this can be catered for and I think V&A will call me prior to our trip to run through this kind of thing.

Have I got that right, and do they call even if I’m in the UK?

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I don’t know about calling the UK, but I do know they are very accommodating. My husband can’t tolerate tomatoes and doesn’t like fish and they were understanding and gave him several options not listed on the menu. It was great. Enjoy!! It’s an amazing experience.

I know that they call prior to the Chef’s Table, but I don’t think there was any pre-communication for the regular dining room. That being said, I have NO DOUBT that they will work with you and assure that any dietary concerns will be met.

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