Victoria and Alberts alternative?

My husband and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary in June 2021. We were going to try to get a reservation at Victoria and Albert’s, since we ate there on our honeymoon and LOVED it, but they aren’t currently open. If they are still not open in June, any suggestions for an alternative? We are looking for an up scale atmosphere (though this is negotiable) and something like a chef’s table or menu. I was considering Jaleo, since I have heard good things about their “Jose’s Way” tasting menu experience, but is there anywhere else we should consider? We are pretty “foodie” and look forward to trying new, unique things. If it matters, my brother and sister-in-law might be joining us. It doesn’t have to be on Disney property if there are better options off property.

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Monsieur Paul

I was going to suggest Takumi Tei but I don’t think it’s open yet either.

I’m going to second Jaleo’s “Jose’s Way”. As a fellow foodie, who also enjoyed my experience at V&A’s, i think I liked Jaleo’s better!! I’m also a fan of Jiko’s. But I believe that is also closed. The other alternative that I haven’t tried but have always wanted to is The Bull & Bear at the Waldorf. The Boathouse is also excellent food. But not the best atmosphere for a “special” night out.

Let us know what you choose. :slight_smile: And Happy Anniversary!

I was going to say bull And bear. I have never been but saw it on tim tracker. Might want to check out there video. Looked good.

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I dined at Bull and Bear in January 2020 and it was extraordinary. The food was wonderful, the service top notch and the atmosphere was very upscale. The bartender made a custom margarita for me and it included things like charing the jalepeno before muddling it. We had a team of 2 or 3 staff waiting on us. I haven’t been to V&A, so I can’t compare, but it was definitely a truly fine dining experience.

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I don’t know the current status (open/closed) of restaurants, but I would put Monsieur Paul at the top of the list, followed by Jiko, Citrico’s, and California Grill. I can’t comment on non-Disney choices as I’ve not been to any recently.

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So many of these are closed. I want to do Monsieur Paul, Takumi-Tei, Victoria & Alberts. All closed. Jiko’s and Citrico’s closed.

Same here.

We love to eat, and those three are still on our list to try.
Its so annoying that there is still no news about them oppeneing.

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I know. I keep hoping but I’ve made my peace it probably won’t be this time.

I haven’t been since Takumi-Tei opened, but I have been to all of the others and I agree that it’s a short list of the “best” of the signature restaurants in WDW, based on food quality.

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