Victoria and Albert’s for the average person

I was searching for dinner reservations and noticed a VA one in the results so I snagged it, knowing how difficult they are to get. I’ve read up on it before and decided against it due to the cost, but for this particular trip we aren’t spending a lot and only going for a few days so I am now contemplating actually going. Neither DH or I have ever done any type of fine dining. The nicest dining we’ve ever done is Ruth’s Chris. We’re not unadventurous but also don’t go out of our comfort zones often.

If you’ve dined there and don’t consider yourself a foodie, just an average person, I’d love to hear about your experience and your opinion. At the least I’m thinking it will be good enough and will check off the bucket list. Worst case I hate it and feel we wasted the money… or worst case I love it and want to go back which would mean soooo much money lol.


Have not dined there personally, but a good friend has told me that they go out of their way to take care of you there, and to make sure you have a good, comfortable time. They are a fine dining establishment but they aren’t going to make you feel silly if you, for example, use the wrong fork for your salad.

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@bswan26 is someone that, if I remember could tell you all about it. We (Andrea and myself) were going to do the Chef’s Table at V&A and had to cancel it due to some unexpected expenses (our reception ran almost $1,000 more than we had budgeted and I had to get a scooter due to a broken leg in a boot). We will go to it at some time in the future.

We are also not foodies but do like good food. We did a trip report on our last vacation, an engagement trip (12/17/16 to 12/27/16) and are working on one for our honeymoon trip (12/19/17 to 12/31/17). For both of these trips, we did have the deluxe dining plan and had a number of Signature Dining locations.

From what I have read and heard, it is not a waste of money and is something that would be a very special evening. I do hope that you enjoy it and would love to hear about what it was like for you.

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Hi David! I remember reading your trip report and the info and pictures you shared were wonderfully helpful! I took my DH to WDW for his first trip back in Oct/Nov for 2 weeks, and I was hellbent on converting him to a Disney fan. I’m happy say mission accomplished, and much due to the food! In fact, he’s so smitten that he agreed to another trip in April 2018 and then another in June 2018! This from a man who said he’d want to leave within 2-3 days and never return. :wink: I’m putting the finishing touches on my own trip report and it’s quite an experience trying to put it in all down in words. :slight_smile: Thanks for your input, I appreciate it and look forward to your honeymoon trip report!

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Thank you Sarah, I’m glad that it helped you. Getting someone converted can be a challenge but it is so worth it.
Looking forward to your trip report.

We too like good food, but we are not true foodies and don’t dine at fancy restaurants often. My DH and I loved our meal at V&A. It was a great experience. For some of the courses we weren’t interested in the options given, so they made different dishes for us. It was amazing. I think it’s one of those must do at least once experiences.

V&A is amazing. I am a “foodie”. and it is hands down the best dining experience in WDW - and perhaps the best I’ve had anywhere. There’s a certain amount of “adventurousness” needed, because many of the components are not your run of the mill dinner choices. But the service is unequaled and the setting the height of “romantic”. Although I would only recommend the Chef’s Table to hard core foodies, I think anyone who would enjoy the best of ingredients prepared in the best of ways, served by the best of service could enjoy it. The menu changes daily, but here is a link to some sample menus.

In the main dining room, for each course there are 2 or 3 choices. When my wife and I ate there we specifically chose different things on each course so we could have more items to taste. We did one wine pairing between us (DW cannot drink more than a sip or two due to medications). From beginning to end it was just under 3 hours (the Chef’s Table meal was almost 5 hours).

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Here’s a link to the pictures I posted from my Chef’s Table meal

I just read this whole post and I feel like I just watched Iron Chef. LOL

The reservation I found and grabbed is for the Q.V. room, which sounds like a prix fixe menu only option, but I’m not sure. I read somewhere that they will call a week prior to discuss dietary concerns or preferences.

Wow those pictures are amazing.

That’s exactly what it felt like; I was a judge on Iron Chef and instead of 5 courses, there were 10

The Queen Victoria room echos the menu at the chef’s Table, but is served in a “fancy” dining room vice at a table that is more or less in the kitchen. They will work closely with you on the menu.

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Budget more than you think you will need. I’m pretty sure the QV room and Chef’s Table are the same price (on paper). We each had a $50 add-on, and shared a wine pairing. By the time tax and tip were added on, the bill came to over $900 - and this was 3 years ago.