Victoria & Albert's Chef's Table - with 2?

My 180 day mark is coming up, and one of the thing we’re planning is another trip to Victoria & Albert’s. We’ve been to the main dining area once before in a group of 7 with our adult children. This time it will just be the two of us.

My wife suggested the Queen Victoria room this time, which would be fine, but I think I may prefer the Chef’s Table with a larger group. I used to think that V&A’s took individual reservations to fill the 10-person Chef’s table, but then saw it was just a single reservation per night. I wouldn’t want to reserve it for just the two of us, not sure I even could.

So, thoughts? Could I call the restaurant, try to get a reservation and express interest in sharing the time? Or just book the QV room and save my random table building for Biergarten?

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You absolutely can reserve it for just 2, but I think it would be more fun with more (we had 6 the night I did it). When I was making my plans, a friend who goes to WDW 4 or 5 times a year and is a serious “foodie” told me that for just 2, the Queen Victoria room might be the better choice; it’s virtually the same menu and it’s a very pretty, formal setting, vice the “country kitchen” atmosphere of the Chef’s table. If gourmet cooking is your thing, being able to watch the chefs prepare the meals is pretty cool, and you get each course/wine personally introduced by the Executive Chef/Sommelier. And I guess there is that bit of “prestige” of eating at the Chef’s table and knowing that you snagged one of only 200 reservation in an entire year. As a home “gourmet” chef the entire experience was awesome (and awesomely expensive), but if I were to go again - especially if there were going to be only 2 of us - I would book the Queen Victoria over a second go at the Chef’s Table.

As a side note, the CT is the most difficult reservation to get in WDW. When I did it, it was listed with the rest of the ADRs and literally 15 seconds after 6:00 AM on my 180 day only 1 of the 7 nights I was going to be there was available; someone else posted that you now book the CT by calling direct to the restaurant. I know that they do maintain a wait list, and if they get a cancellation they contact the next person on the list.

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