Via Napoli or Tutto Italia

Which would you recommend for lunch? We're on DDP and it will be DH, DD7, DS4 and myself. I can get a better time for Tutto, but would wait if you thought VN is better. Thanks

VN for Pizza.. and Tutto Italia for everything else. I am a huge fan of both places, but quite often VN wins as its a really good pizza joint.

I think Tutto Italia is a better value in the dining plan, but Via Napoli is a better value out of pocket. Tutto Italia has much better classic entrees, but VN is THE place for pizza. I guess it would depend on what sort of meal you want. Only the pizza gets rave reviews at VN, so if you want a leisurely lunch with wine and lasagne or osso buco, then go with TI.

They are both very good. I think the pizza at VN is "better" than the traditional Italian food at TI. I also think the atmosphere at VN would be more enjoyable for the kids (informal and noisy vice more staid and relatively quiet).


If you're looking to do pizza VN wins hands down a little pricey but, mamma mia it was good.