Via Napoli or FEA Dessert Party

You know how sometimes you are so focused on something that you miss the bigger picture? The whole forest for the trees thing? I wanted so badly to be able to fit everything into my day at Epcot, but now I realize that the timing of our dinner and dessert party are going to make for some overly full bellies. We have an ADR at Via Napoli at 6:30, and the dessert party starts at 8. Which would you give up? We probably won’t ride TT if we give up the dessert party (I’m not overly upset about this, but figured I’d put all the info out there). I’ve heard wonderful things about the pizza at Via Napoli and really want to try it. But, I have a sweet tooth. Are there any don’t miss desserts at the party? My other option would be to skip our break for the day (or shorten it significantly) and go to Via Napoli at 3:30. Thoughts?

For me, this is the easiest decision in the world.

I went to Via Napoli last year and I thought it was the worst restaurant in the history of food. No part of the experience was positive, apart from the part where I left.

This is very much a minority view. Everyone else seems to think that the pizzas at VN are the finest pizzas ever created by the hand of man. These people are wrong, but nobody’s judging here.

When I was asking for advice about whether to go to Teppan Edo everyone said “what the hell is wrong with you, you can do that any day of the week at home”. Again, they were wrong because we don’t have that sort of thing round these parts.

But it does raise a pertinent issue in your case. You can surely get poor-to-mediocre pizza where you live. There’s no need to travel to Florida to find it.

Do you have firework extravaganzas near your house? Or delightful boat rides into a magical frozen land of fantasy and wonder?

No? I didn’t think so.

So the dessert party it is, then. I can’t remember whether the desserts were any good. I think I just ate a load of grapes and stared at a really disappointing “cocktail” I’d ordered. But I had a fantastic, wholly unobstructed view of the fireworks, followed by directly walking on to the boat at FEA.

Of course, you can do both, surely? Eat the over-salty, uninspiring pizza at VN, but don’t allow yourself a dessert. Then have the dessert at the dessert party. Everyone’s a winner.


You have such a way with words :joy::joy:

I haven’t been to Via Napoli but however good a pizza is, it’s still just pizza and as @profmatt so eloquently states, you can get pizza anywhere.

Having said that, I’d never do the FEA dessert party - I wouldn’t do any but that one would be bottom of my list. You can see Illuminations from anywhere for free, or get a FP, not that I’d bother because I don’t like it. And FEA was once and done.


We loved the FEA dessert party. The view of IllumiNations is fabulous and you are sitting for it (which is so nice after a long day of walking around Epcot). Most of the desserts aren’t anything incredible although the s’mores cake was really good. And there is cheese fondue with bread and fruit and broccoli. I thought it was nice to have savory options.

We have eaten at Via Napoli. It was a few years ago and I honestly don’t remember much about it. I’m guessing the food wasn’t anything amazing if I can’t even remember what we had.

I agree with @profmatt. I can eat pizza anytime. I can’t see a firework show with special desserts and well themed ride anytime.

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So, I agree with @profmatt on this, especially about the only positive experience… Maybe we both hit VN at the wrong time, but I wasn’t impressed.

I, personally, wouldn’t go to the party, but if I were you and you needed to choose one or the other, choose the party and drop Via Napoli.

The problem with Epcot is that all the good FPP stuff is Tier 1, and all the nonsense is Tier 2. What the party does is get you an addition two Tier 1 FPPs, effectively. So I can knock out four of the (now) five Tier 1s thus:

Soarin’ — FPP
Test Track — Single Rider
IllumiNations — party
FEA — party

Throw in some cakes and drinks and it’s worth the cost to me.


I went to VN once. It is pizza . Honestly, if I want pizza in Disney I can go to Wolfgang Puck Express and be just as happy there.

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Could you do Via Napoli as a lunch? That’s what we decided to do. If it isn’t great pizza I think I will be less disappointed at lunch. And if it is great then we get a great lunch.

I think making it a lunch sounds like the best plan. Thank you everyone!!

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It would be an easy choice for me. I’ve never had a bad experience at VN (and I think it’s excellent pizza), and of all of the “parties”, the one I would be least likely to do is the FEA. But everyone has their own opinions…

I am surprised by this thread. I thought I was only one who went to VN and wasn’t blown away. Nice to have some company. :grinning:


I am surprised too!! I thought more people would be telling me how great the pizza is at VN!

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We enjoyed the pizza at VN, but it wasn’t the end all be all. That being said, we grabbed desert in France and sat next to FEA party in April. Had same view and MUCH better desserts :slight_smile:

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