Via Napoli fast lunch?

We have a 12:15pm ADR, anyone think 3 adults getting one large pizza to split can get in and outta there in 45min?

If you’re seated immediately, maybe. I wouldn’t plan on it with no flexibility though

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When we were at Epcot a couple years ago, instead of getting pizza at Via Napoli, we got a pizza from the counter service just outside Via Napoli. I’m not sure how the two compare in terms of taste, but the pizza was good enough for us.

If you just wanted to have a chance to eat pizza, it is an option. If you specifically want Via Napoli TS, then I’d think 45 minutes is cutting is rather close.


45 minutes would be pushing it to the limit, and instead of enjoying your meal,all you’d be thinking about is the time factor. Is there a specific reason you would have to be done by 1:00? FPP? The difference between the VN pizza and the window pizza is an order of magnitude. VN is truly excellent, the window is the same uninspired theme park pizza you can get anywhere.

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Honestly, it’s just because there is SO MUCH to see in the World Showcase, and even tho we have 2 days for Epcot, I feel like were going to have to rush through it all to see it.

I would strongly advise against rushing.

Yes, there’s lots to see and do.

You’ll feel like you’ve done more if it if you take the time to experience it, rather than racing from item to item.

And really, with 2 days, you’ll get a very solid chunk of Epcot done. But you’ll never do everything - so don’t get so caught up in doing the next thing that you miss out on what you’re doing now.


I appreciate the advice everyone. I think I’m trying to cram to much in.

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I would go and have an enjoyable lunch at VN and not worry so much about being done at 1:00 because a schedule you made up for yourself says you need to be. An extra 15 or 20 min really won’t have that much of an effect - especially in WS. As someone who used be this way (but has recovered), if your schedule is so locked in that 15 or 20 min is going to throw everything off, then you are setting yourself up for a lot of stress and less enjoyment.


Meals can be rushed if you have defined plans right after like a FPP time that expires 15 min after your estimated lunch or if you want to make a show across the park that starts in 1 hour. I really really try not to do that (book 75-90 min for a TS meal b/c I use that as my break) But if you want relaxing meals that take how much time you want to spend: Look at menu while waiting to be seated and decide what you want so you can order when you place drink order. Ask for the check when the last course is brought out (entrees or desserts) and be ready to pay when they hand you bill. That will save you 15-20 minutes in the long run and you won’t even have to feel rushed and can enjoy your meal without rushing and stressing. Tips learned with toddlers when eating TS meals every day of a trip so YMMV :slight_smile:


The counter service pizza was being remodeled, and not open, a few weeks ago when we were there. Not sure if it’s reopened, or when it will be.