Very Merry mickey christmas parade?

1st time ever being at WDW. Where should we sit for the parade?

Will this be at a party or during a regular day?

This is for the night party with the special tickets.

I like near the Hall of Presidents. There is a small wall ( planter?) that you can sit on the edge, or sit on the ground by the rope.

Thank you very much. What time do you think we need to get there by. Also do we bring a blanket to lay down to sit on. Is it okay to hold a spot for my wife and kid or is it strictly 1st come.

You can bring your own blanket, but do not take more space than you need! I found the thing I love about the Christmas Party is that everyone worked together so that everyone had a great view. When I went to the Christmas Party the crowd was pretty thick 45 minutes before the parade. I would get set at least an hour early and send your wife and kids to get hot chocolate and cookies back to the blanket!