Very Grateful ~ THANK YOU! :)

So grateful for this blog and all of you who so quickly respond. THIS is Disney Magic!!! Thank you all for your kind assistance!!


Happy planning!


Are you kidding me? We love this! We love sharing our views!!

I had a friend post of Facebook that she was considering going to Disney World sometimes next year and I immediately bombarded her with a wall of text and then took over planning her trip for her! As @profmatt says, if only we didn’t actually have to go on the trips, we could just spend more time planning them.


exactly what i’m doing right now @ApolloAndy ~ my SIL had no idea where to begin, and was about to have a newrvous breakdown. i am now officially their travel agent (aka The Park Nazi LOL). she’s blown away by the level of detail … making every step of the way custom for them. LOVE planning WDW trips!